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  • steve2

    Sign a document that commits you to immediately begin paying an ongoing large monthly sum of money directly to JW organization on condition that your repentance has led to reinstatement. In other words, the money only starts if you're no longer disfellowshipped. You could be looking at three months tops. Happy "donations"!

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    be positive--being disfellowshipped means--you cant be disfellowshipped !

    so fill your boots.

  • I Faded Twice
    I Faded Twice

    The elders and society would say it all depends on the person. That's horse shit! It all depends on how much you kiss their ass!

  • Finkelstein

    I say be thankful your DFed, that’s your calling card to leave this criminaly insane cult

  • dogisgod

    So I'm sitting alone in the car with a long time sister. She says, " So, what's going on with Bill and Susan? " Back story. Bill...presiding overseer....yrs ago was a special pioneer and he and sister married-to-someone-else were disfellowshipped for messing with each other. He comes to meeting with family. They are seated and he gets up and stands in the middle of the back holding his Bible. NO ONE speaks to him...ever. Susan is 10 yrs my senior (but much younger than Bill) has a crush on him. Bill is Susans dad's friend and helps with their apts. Susan studies with me for years...my mentor. She marries another guy and they have 3 kids. I marry and we both rent houses with back yards adjoining. Very good friends. Back to present. I am dumbfounded this sister asks me that and I turn red and become uncomfortably hot. I say, "Nothing! He spends time over there because he runs her father's business (he had passed away) and she types the school schedule for him". She says, "do you remember when he and so-and-so had an affair?" "No they didn't. Bill told me it was a big mistake and a circuit overseer offered to exonerate him!" She just looks at me and says, " it was Shirley and I who caught them". Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Unable to process. He would come over almost every day 3 minutes after the girls went to school and leave 3 minutes b4 they came home. For about 10 years. I started seeing things I had not noticed before. like....when she handed him a cup of coffee she would stroke his hand. I stopped going over there. Then the rest of the elders have a talk with him. Apparently her oldest daughter had squeeled. He said they were right and never went there again or spoke to her privately. I have never seen a more heart broken wrecked woman. Everybody kept going to the meetings as usual. He moved away to Hawaii. She never was the same. Ever.

  • dogisgod

    AT the very least a year.

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