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  • Pinky

    How long is one disfellowshipped for committing adultery?

  • atomant

    how long is a piece of string?

  • steve2

    How long is your adultery?

  • oppostate

    Depends on the "committing."

    The more the "committing" the more it will probably take to get reinstated.

    But, hey, who are we kidding, it just depends on how chummy you are with the three hounders that sat you down and kicked you out.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Factors that prolong time till reinstatement;

    Was the adultery well known? Scandalous?

    Did you confess it or deny it?

    Have you continued the relationship? Sounds dumb I know but it matters.

    Factors that may shorten time till reinstatement:

    Are you attending ALL meetings, missing none?

    Do you have family who are elders who like you?

    Do you contribute by check often?

  • iwasblind

    Happy for you to PM me if you need assistance.

    Speaking in a borg voice below (not my thoughts if you know what I mean):

    If you work the elders and you get lucky - 6 months but they have 12mths minimum in their heads.

    The name of the game is borg repentance - which is "looking guilty and miseable".

    You have to be the victim.

    You have to work it at the meetings and make sure you are seen attended.

    Get an elder as a contact - see if you can score some shepherding calls they are not allowed to officially do them but if you get a good elder he will see you.

    Always mentioned in your contact your spiritual routine. In your repentance rants it is all about how you have hurt Jehovah, and your family, and the cong and your friends. How Satan misled you, yadda yadda and how close you feel now. You never understood the sacrifice of Jesus like you do now...

    When asked do not appear too happy - life must be hard so you can pay for your gross actions.

    Tears are good too.

    Having said that, all this is wasted if the main elder involved is a asshole. If you get a champion you will be fine. I used to have 2 other brothers and we would "get them back quickly". But sometimes if they were not involved I could not get it done quicker.

    Hope that helps.

  • Xanthippe

    Depends how vicious the elders are. I know one man who was made to sit at the back of the KH with everyone ignoring him for five years. For all I know he's still there.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    I saw one case: man had extended affair, plan to remarry, some in the congregation knew, only admitted it because he was caught . . . and yet he was privately reproved for 6 months. He is a charming ass kisser with a knack for 'theocratic' terminology, so that may have played a role. So again, it's anything three Elders can agree on basically. Don't expect there to be a fair, consistent standard as if they were, you know, directed by God's spirit or something.

  • Tobyjones262

    It depends on the elders you are dealing with. I was always told unless some extraordinary circumstances at least one year. But it really depends on the elders. If they don't like you its going to be a long hard slog. If they sympathize with you it may not be so bad. Each one is different. I have seen or heard of people who would cry a river and ask for forgiveness and still got the ax for over a year. It just depends on the elders no exceptions.

  • blondie

    If you committed adultery with an elder's wife or daughter, maybe never.

    There was a time when the WTS said that a brother who committed adultery and was reinstated, could not be appointed an elder for 20 years. I saw that back in the 60's but have no idea if it changed.

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