Incredible documentary about the exclusive brethren and their extreme shunning policy

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  • Truthexplorer
    The guy that left and went back for the simple reason of seeing his own kids again was so sad. How disgusting those elders were telling him he can only go back to see his kids if he goes back to the lord. Talk about emotional blackmail. That poor guy reminded me of why so many of us HAVE to lead a double life for no other reason than avoid such harsh treatment at the hands of a small group of men with their extreme rules.
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    Having to live your life undercover, double lives, to avoid such harsh treatment. At the mercy of a small group of men who are extremists.
  • Simon

    To be the unpopular pragmatist ... can I ask: what have you done to support this group? to stop it happening? to raise the issue with authorities? etc...

    I suspect the answer is, in almost every case: "nothing".

    Now, given that we, as a group with the most similar issue, seem to be completely apathetic to it to all intents and purposes, then why do we suppose that if only we promote it enough that people will care about the exact same issue happening ... to us?

    There is no help coming for any shunning issue. It is a freak-show curiosity to the general populace. The only power to stop shunning is within each person - make the people doing the shunning accountable for it and make them explain their choice ... but sadly, accept that you cannot control and hold power over other people. But in accepting that, realize that the only power they have over you is that which you give them.

  • smiddy

    So what would YOU suggest Simon with all due respect .? Jehovah`s Witnesses , Mormonism ,Exclusive Brethren

    etc , . etc, with over 40,000 Christian sects where do you start ?

    And that`s only Christendoms religions , what about all the rest ?

    It`s too big for one Country to tackle , it is only something that a united approach from a quorum of World Governments could achieve. If they have the willpower or the incentive to do so .

    Surely in this 21st Century Religious superstition has run it`s course .




  • talesin

    The Northeast Kingdom cult was driven out of Nova Scotia by publicity. A father was keeping the children from seeing their mother, who had left the cult and moved back to the USA (their original country of origin). There was a lot of publicity about the issue, and the locals took a serious interest. Law enforcement would have been involved, of course. I do not know if she won her custody case, and 'then' they left, or if they left while issues were undecided.

    It does seem that with the JWS, a worldwide expose is needed.

    As for sharing the OP video, I think it's a good documentary, and very informative. These cults need to be exposed. There are forums. both online and in real life, for such discussions (hello, here we are). I'm interested in learning about any and all extreme Xtian cults. It's useful for me.

    Even more important is the value of sharing real information, such as this documentary. There's no BS here, and very little spin by the documentary's makers.

    If one person is offered help, and is able to survive outside the "Brethren" (creepy), because this video was shared in this forum, well, that would be amazing, no? Maybe their boss/neighbour/schoolmate is reading this, or will read it tomorrow when a forum member shares it in a facebook group.

    But, I digress. About the JWS.

    Forget not, that we have the Force. Let not, the Dark Side, take your power.

    Think positive, take actions, however small. Remember the hundredth monkey. There's a Buddhist saying, paraphrased 'one step begins the longest journey'. Information is power - let's keep spreading it around. If not in 'our day', it will happen; the Tower will fall. Let's adopt long-term outlooks, as we do in financial planning. (yes, I read your thread, Simon, good stuff ; )

  • Truthexplorer

    I understand your point Simon, however, I found the documentary very educational, because not only did it emotionally affect me (and many others), bringing tears to my eyes, particularly in the young woman's case, but also the fact that it highlights the emotional blackmail of shunning that such groups use to keep their members captive! Another good thing about this documentary was that it actually helped sow a seed in my daughter as helped her see how crazy shunning is 'in another faith group'. I was also able to get the point over to her, by saying believe it or not, but we (JW's) also have somewhat of a similar policy, but assured her that her mother and I would never ever ever shun her in future if for example she simply chose to leave the JW's.

    There is not a lot I can do to help such a group as the exclusive brethren, but as someone who is consistently active in writing letters of appeal to the heart and soul of the watchtower organisation - the GB. I am in some small way trying to change such a ruthless policy. Somewhere, right now, there will also be similar people to myself (and others) within groups like the exclusive brethren who are likewise continuously writing to their leadership to affect change on policies such as shunning. It is up to those within such organisations to actively do something NOW. It is my hope that change will happen over time just as it has happened with other organisations when put under continuous pressure.

  • poopie
    Wow send a copy to brooklyn. Put on youtube
  • poopie
  • Clambake

    I use to live in this small town of maybe 1000 people and about 200 of them were exclusive brethren. They owned all these large businesses with the majority of people working at these places not being brethren. Everything they touched seemed to turn to gold.

    What was really odd is they had two coffee room and two sets of washrooms. These people would not talk to you if it wasn’t necessary. They wouldn’t eat with you, have coffee with you etc etc. They really took the whole being separate from the world serious. They did pay well but didn’t think twice about firing you if you didn’t work hard, were late etc etc. They also won’t eat in restaurants because of the worldly people and contact. Of course they would get take out.

    They have no TV or internet but drive $60,000 trucks and cars and lived in $500,000 homes. The kids go to public school till grade six, and then they have their own school. Education past grade 12 is non-existent, which is really strange because they do run some pretty serious businesses. Not just window washing and janitorial outfits.

    Every few years they would build a new church if there business did well to get out of paying tax on the money. Of course it would just sit there vacant but they would keep it looking really nice. Of course there were no windows. If you walk in Sunday morning to attend a service, a few elders will met you at the door and ask you to leave. Jws were told to leave and not come back in Door to Door service.

    I sure don’t miss that town much. Weird place, weird people. They were even worse than the JWs when it came to shunning. Leaving won’t just cost you your family, but your job.

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