Sunday's WT...funny, but sad for Dubs...

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    Despite my often smart-ass exterior, I really don't have any desire to see the R&F Dubs suffering. I really do worry about the mental and emotional turmoil that they will experience, if and when the WTBTS is truly exposed as a scam. I know it seems unlikely to happen, but you never know....

    Anyway, the WT for the week was cringe-worthy to say the least. There was the usual misrepresentation of the evolutionary model and circular reasoning, but one paragraph really stood out to me. It was paragraph 12.

    The paragraph was attempting to arm parents with an air-tight defense, one that revolved around the scientific accuracy of the Bible. They chose the scripture at Job 26:7, which says the Earth, "hangs upon nothing."

    To support this "reasoning" the paragraph states that the student needs to imagine how difficult it would be to convince someone that the Earth "hangs upon nothing." The point being that the Bible stated this "fact" long before anyone else, even though it may have been hard to believe. So... Faith strengthened!! Right??

    Well, the paragraph goes on to recommend an exercise for the student. The student is to take a ball, or similar object, and set it down on a table, showing that objects that have mass, require support..... DID YOU CATCH THAT?? Seriously, read the paragraph...

    Use a small spherical object that requires support, to prove that the Earth hangs upon nothing..?!?!?!.. ARE YOU FOLLOWING ME??

    The Earth, according the Internet, has a mass of 5.9 Sextillion tonnes. Yet the Earth hangs upon nothing, and a small sphere, like a ball, requires support of some kind. This proves the accuracy of the!?!??

    Is the writing staff so ate up with cognitive dissonance that they must justify their delusions, or are they just plain stupid?


  • Divergent


    Is the writing staff so ate up with cognitive dissonance that they must justify their delusions, or are they just plain stupid?

    Both, I would say. The org is full of people writing about things which they are NOT qualified to write about (eg. unmarried or childless individuals writing about family life and raising up children, individuals who haven't read any proper scientific books writing about science, individuals not well-versed in language doing bible translation work, and the list goes on. . . )

  • stuckinarut2
    Stupidity like that is very hard to defend
  • JustMe2

    I haven't read the actual paragraph, but it sounds to me as if the illustration of the ball on the table was not meant to prove that the earth hangs upon nothing but instead is trying to show "how difficult it would be to convince someone that the Earth 'hangs upon nothing'", thus making it seem unlikely that ancient people would have figured it out on their own.

  • smiddy

    And dont all the other heavenly bodies in our solar system hang apon nothing ? The other 8 planets ?

    Doesnt our moon and the many moons that revolve around all of the other planets ,in our Solar System dont they hang apon nothing ?

    What does this statement suppose to prove ?

    The earth is no different from any other planet in this Solar system as respects hanging upon nothing than any other planet in this solar system or planets found in other solar systems in the universe.

  • TheOldHippie

    It was mentioned as an example of how to illustrate this to a child, or how a child itself could illustrate it.

    "The child could use a ball or a stone to illustrate the point by showing that objects with mass have to rest on something."

    So the context shows what this was, an illustration for children as JustMe2 also states.

  • schnell

    I dunno, I was quite moved by the paragraph on marine life and evolution. The unnamed father's observation really stuck with me.

    "It struck us that these extinct animals were beautiful, complex, and complete—no less so than what we can see today. So if life evolved from simple to more complex forms, why were these ancient creatures already so complex?"

    Such a moving point. It's really helped me to question the false teaching of evolution and return to Jehovah, the Creator.


    Ugh. I do wish people like Aron-Ra would say more about Jehovah's Witnesses and their ridiculous portrayal of evolution and science in general. Ken Ham, Kent Hovind, Ray Comfort and Kirk fucking Cameron get a lot of attention, as do random Muslim creationists. Answers in Genesis and the Institute for Creation Research get screenshotted and referenced and refuted all the time. But not

  • prologos

    unimaginative wt writers. How about taken a string, attach a little pail, with water in it, ask the child could the water be suspended above the ground , even inside the upside down pail, with nothing underneath? then swing it around in circle. energetically. it is energy that suspends the earth. against the gravity of the Sun. good laws. but

    then you spoil it all by belief in talking snakes, walking on water, corpses walking into jerusalem-- and the hope--

  • ctrwtf

    The ancients weren't stupid. They could observe the moon and come to the same conclusion.

    That supports creationism how?

  • prologos

    ctrwtf13 minutes agoThe ancients weren't stupid. They could observe the moon and come to the same conclusion.

    or the fuzzy outline of the Earth projected in a lunar eclipse. with Atlas, or turtles conspicuous by their absence. The bible has more statements of the socle, basis of the Earth, it's pillars, it's four corners than that one lucky hit, the nothing of energy.

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