Guess who is getting announced as no longer being a JW

by atacrossroads 23 Replies latest jw friends

  • FayeDunaway

    Well I guess you are at a crossroads no more!!! You and your husband have made your choice, and you have chosen freedom and a full life for your daughter!! Often having a child makes a parent a fighter and protector. Your husband had chosen to be a good dad and stand up for what's right!!

    I know it hurts to tell your parents the truth, but for your own family's sake what had to be done is done. Congrats, both of you.

  • stuckinarut2

    Much RESPECT!

    Best wishes to your family!

    (your immediate family - not the extended family! They have shown themselves as not being worthy of being called "family")

  • Bonsai

    What better way to wake people up to the fact that this is a cult than by putting your kangaroo court trial on youtube for all to see? I'd encourage your husband to attend his JC, record it and put it online for exposure.

    It was such a shocker for me to see some of those videos. No matter how good the defense was of the accused, the elders didn't care. Their unflinching loyalty to the doctrines put in place by seven men in New York proves beyond a doubt this is a Pharisaical, harshly dogmatic cult led by merciless businessmen.

  • JWdaughter

    Well done! And congratulations on your new baby. I am a proud grandma and the church my DIL goes to has NOTHING to do with it, and her love for me has nothing to do with the way I worship God. I'm sorry your parents are missing the point of it all. This is truly their loss. They were kind of assholes about it, but that is cult personality, for sure.

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