Guess who is getting announced as no longer being a JW

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  • atacrossroads

    Not me surprisingly. I thought I would be the one to go first. This coming week my hubby is being announced as no longer being a JW. It's been brewing for a while. I am having a baby girl and due in August! Hubby got into it with his parents about the baby. His mom made a comment about how she could not wait to show her off at the KH. Hubby said our child would not be going to the KH under any circumstances. This actually surprised them. They pressed the issue and hubby said he would supervise all the contact. They asked him if he was an apostate because he was acting like one. He told them they needed to research their religion. They would understand very quickly why he would not want his daughter exposed to their hateful beliefs. He then took them to task for shunning their other son. He said they all missed out on years of a relationship and that they would never get those years back. He told them he would die before shunning his own child because she decided to leave a religion. He then told them their religion was a cult and his child would have no part of it. He pulled one of my numbers and his last sentence to them was "I am an apostate".

    He got a love letter from the elders. His own parents are witnesses against him. He said his parents would stop at nothing to indoctrinate our child and if he is officially out they will be less inclined to make contact. He said it has been on his mind very heavily especially after spending time with his nephew.

    He emailed his dad and told him he would not be attending any JC and that he loved them both but their grandkids are going to be raised without guilt and fear. So come this Wednesday its official.

  • naazira

    Wow wow congratulations! He wasted no time 👍 Good for the two of you and the children.

  • dubstepped

    Boom! That's kind of bad-ass. Congrats to him!!!!

  • berrygerry

    I'm proud of him.

    Wish I would have done the same eons ago.

  • ToesUp

    Congrats! Your Hubby is my hero.

  • kairos

    This is the simplest way to handle it.


  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    clean cut surgical strike---no dithering--well done.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen
    Congratulations with the little one in the making, and with having a fearless hubby who knows what's best for his family and acts on it!
  • smiddy

    Your husbands got balls , good for him for not pussy-footing around and laying down the law about your daughter,not attending a KH under any circumstance.

    Well done


  • EdenOne

    Congratulations! Your husband has put his money where his mouth is. Well done for protecting your child from this harmful and heartless cult.


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