In memory of a lost doctrine - the vindication of Jehovah's name

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  • pale.emperor


    set apart as or declare holy; consecrate.

    free from sin; purify.

    Wouldn't Jehovah's name already be "holy", "free from sin"and not needing to be "purified"?

  • waton

    Ar the AGM: it can be both sanctified and vindicated.

    Russell and Klein, both are fine.

  • slimboyfat

    Klein argued that Jehovah's name can't be "vindicated" because it has not been degraded. The new statement at the AGM is apparently a reversal of Klein's position which was published in the Watchtower from 1995 until (so it seems) 2017.

    See the full history of the change here:

    It's hard to overstate how important the "vindication" doctrine was to JWs at one time. It was their central message, motivation and focus. For example, for most Christians the main reason for Jesus coming to Earth was to save mankind. But for JWs the main reason Jesus came to Earth was to vindicate Jehovah's name. Saving mankind was said to be second place to the more important goal of vindication.

    I wonder if "vindication" will return to its former prominence.

  • waton

    For vindicating a name, you would have to attach a meaning to it, and with "Jrhovah" becoming or "causing to become" anything thats suits the purpose or time, how is this done? a lttle bit like the four sided faces of the creatures on the chariot that face whatever direction it is headed at the time.

    Vindication demands a stated goal achieved, sanctification just a general cleaning. or?

  • pale.emperor

    It's hard to overstate how important the "vindication" doctrine was to JWs at one time.

    I was only 11yo at the time the the vindication teaching was dropped so i dont remember it being a big deal to me. But now that you mention it i remember as a family studying the Watchtower on Saturday evening and my dad getting exasperated at us kids not getting the point "WHY did Jesus come to earth?", we were making wild guesses trying to get the right answer and my sister suddenly shouted "to VINDICATE Jehovah's name!" and my dad said "Yes! Finally! haha".

    So it seems my dad still clung to the vindication angle. At least at that time.

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    Ah, yes. Vindication - a masterpiece by a misogynistic alcoholic. Rutherford had this crackpot theory that Mother's Day stemmed from an elaborate conspiracy by Satan to deflect "special honor and worship" away from Jehovah and toward women. Apparently, Satan's first orders of business on being ousted from heaven in 1914 was to influence world leaders to tell their mommies they loved them on a special day. It's genius! What a demonic way for Satan to get ready for his smackdown with God at Armaggedon. If only Satan had known he'd have over a hundred years (and counting) to toy with, he wouldn't have been in such a rush to pull out this trump card.

  • pale.emperor

    Mothers Day is celebrated in America in the month of May.

    Also, WWI started in July 1914.

    Seeing that Satan was, allegedly, booted out of his heavenly abode in October 1914 this just doesn't add up. You dont have to be Stephen Lett to be able to do the math.

    Back to the drawing board Mr Rutherford.

  • stuckinarut2

    Great quotes WakeMe! Thanks for posting!

  • jp1692


    But never mind. To be a faithful JW you must believe whatever the WT leaders teach now, as of this present moment, which ultimately is why I am no longer a JW ... faithful or otherwise.

    "New light" is just old light recycled.

  • OnTheWayOut

    "Spirit-directed" or "inspired." Such nonsense. Do you know what "inspired" generally means to a layman? It means "guided by holy spirit" or "spirit-directed." Word games, indeed.

    "Vindication of Jehovah's name" generally means to the members, "justification of His will to cause things to become, proving He has the right and the proper motives for doing what He does."
    "Vindication of Jehovah's Sovereignty" would essentially mean the same thing, but maybe easier to understand- "Justification of His Rulership."

    "Sanctification of His Name" would mean to a member, "the cleaning up of that name" or removal of stains upon it. So it would be the "proving He has the right and the proper motives for doing what He does" or the "justification of His will." Basically the SAME SAME SAME to everyone except an English Language Expert.

    But leaning toward the specific difference from the standpoint of exact English language (and forgetting that Hebrew and Greek were the languages of the Bible, not English), I liked the more specific refinement when I was a blind follower.. It gave something to try to understand, it gave something to bother reading in-depth into the article that covered it, it made the Governing Body look like they were actually progressing our understanding.

    The other issue Barbara Anderson talked of- "The New Order" vs. "The New World." I have to say I agree with Barb that they just should have said the "men" at Bethel don't like the negative attachment to Nazis that one term gives even though there's nothing wrong with the term.

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