In History Who Is The Most Influential Person To You?

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  • menrov

    Hmm....Bill Gates for MS DOS and on development of PC's, Alexander Graham Bell for the telephone, Thomas Wedgwood for Photography, Alon Cohen for Voice over IP (using internet to make calls), Martin Cooper for handheld mobile phones....Pasteur for pasteurization and many more individuals that have initiated some key invention or development that proved to impact our lives.

    Jesus did not start a religion. Christianity is one of the religions that indeed made an influence on people. As such, I believe the "invention" of religion has a great impact on people.

  • Overrated

    Stephan Hawkin, Steve Jobs, The Marx Brothers still make me laugh. Mel Brooks. Harrison Ford to name a few.

  • DesirousOfChange

    My first employer when I was a teenager. He really mentored me on being in business. He was the kind of guy who got audited by the IRS every year; had his own private 10 passenger Cessna and full time pilot on call; and kow-towed with many of the politicians of the day. A shaker and mover. Much more influential to me than the local pioneers or young guys that went to Bethel. (Thank Dog!)

    Maybe that's not what you meant by "in history", but it was in my life.

  • slimboyfat

    At the moment, I’d say Schopenhauer. Because I’ve recently come to the conclusion that metaphysical idealism makes the best sense of reality, and Bernardo Kastrup argues that Schopenhauer presented a compelling argument for idealism. Plus Schopenhauer made a lot of sense on lots of topics. I like this video including his comments on why we should stop reading so many books.

  • Overrated

    Al Capone, Doc Holiday Wyatt Earp are people I can relate too.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    When reading "Hitler" in one of the answers here, I was like "What????" But come to thing about it, yeah, he's been very influential in terms of what not to do and how things can slowly get into a nightmarish state even in a civilized world. So, often, we thing: Don't do this or don't do that, cause that's how the nazi's started!

    Interesting really.

  • minimus

    Let’s hope we are not influenced to be like hitler

  • truth_b_known

    Schopenhauer is definitely a person worth reading.

    I've done research on the life of Wyatt Earp. There's much more to the story than the movie Tombstone.

  • Overrated

    Truth-be - known, the real life story of Wyatt Earp is really somewhat different then what is shown on the big screen. He lived an interesting life for law man in the west till the 1920's when he passed away.

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