Just got an apology from an exJW

by Village Idiot 24 Replies latest jw friends

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    I apologized my best friend before I became a door knocker, he ask me to be his best man in

    his wedding.I also apologized to my non-JW family members, I was a know it all and they knew nothing

    about the bible. I apologized to my sons for almost destroying their life.

    Apologies are good if you were a jerk.

  • millie210

    What a nice experience to have Village Idiot.

  • talesin
    How does the forum software keep deleting my middle paragraphs?

    Rebel8, I keep having that problem, too, with whole paragraphs disappearing. Ayup..

  • brandnew
    Wowsers villiage.......sounds like amityville, or the twilight zone . You must have a long time there, looks like people waking up everywhere.☺
  • JakeM2012

    The Best Part of Waking Up, Is Folger's in Your Cup.

  • smiddy

    I can`t get my head around an apartment complex with over 100 units all JW`s and ex JW`s ?

    Sounds like The Hotel California

    Hell on earth

    That was a nice experience you had V.I , it just occurred to me why your user name LOL


  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    Good comparison smiddy.
  • Simon
    How does the forum software keep deleting my middle paragraphs?

    Are you typing it up in some other app? e.g. Word?

    It strips out some disallowed HTML so may be that. If you are copying / pasting and it strips something, send me a PM with the HTML of what you're pasting and I'll take a look at it. (so paste it into the editor like you normally do then click the </> button and copy and paste that into a PM)

  • Vidiot

    Village Idiot - "...over a hundred units in the complex - all JWs and ex-JWs..."

    Sounds like American politics in microcosm...

    ...Right-wingers and Left-wingers... most resentful, suspicious, and refusing to speak to each other... but having to occupy the same geographic space. :smirk:

  • baker
    Any luck in finding friends you knew that have moved on or faded. I only go to keep the peace and noticed that not a few have disappeared and if you ask, some will say they are under a lot of stress or something like that. I have yet to find any of them. At times some of these people were the only ones i could talk to, so now its silence, like they were jettisoned or something. Get so tired of the routine, "great article today", I sometimes reply the one last week was better, and they are taken about, don't know what to say....anyway just seeing if i can locate a few faders...

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