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  • MrMonroe

    I was alerted to the presence of JWs in my street, so I grabbed my voice recorder and placed it by the front door. Several minutes later there was a knock, I pressed "record" and opened the door to two JW women. The recording below runs for 25 minutes. If I'd had more time I'd have probably steered the conversation a different way, but it was interesting anyway to draw them out. They turned out to be evasive and quite untruthful on a couple of things. Why?

    We got on to blood transfusions, which was a bit unfortunate really because although the subject is "controversial" it doesn't in fact touch the lives of many JWs. But since my conversation with them yesterday (which they terminated, deciding I was being "argumentative"), a couple of thoughts have occurred to me:

    * One of the JWs mentioned the Trinity, which we agreed isn't in the Bible. They insist, however, that the Bible does prohibit blood transfusions. I reckon if you gave the BIble to 100 people with no previous knowledge of religion and got them to read it, NONE would think God was a trinity, but also NONE would think the three scriptural mentions of blood that JWs lean on relate to anything other than diet. Both doctrines were decided on by religious leaders despite the lack of logic and only because they had a preexisting dogma. Scriptures are simply twisted and interpreted to support those preconceptions. I read a couple of biblical commentaries today on Acts 15 and both make it clear that Paul's injunction to "abstain from blood" was about diet, and a temporary injunction in order to avoid offending Christians of a Jewish background. The JW line that God meant all Christians in perpetuity should never use blood for any purpose, including lifesaving medicine, is just baseless and grasping at straws.

    *The two JWs admitted some past doctrines had changed because the leaders had realised they were in error. That being the case, today's ban on blood transfusions could tomorrow also be adjudged to be an error, and revoked. The problem is that JWs are denied the opportunity to exercise their conscience and are compelled to obey the Governing Body. The penalty for disobedience is expulsion and shunning. How Christian is that? And are they really willing to hand over decisions on life and death medical procedures to men who might just change their mind based on "new light"?

    The two JWs did abruptly end our conversation, but their unwillingness to face challenges to their beliefs indicates a very fragile and shallow faith. Listen to the interview if you get time. Hopefully the link works!

  • smiddy

    Thanks for that Mr Monroe , it was an interesting recording.It`s always hard to know off the cuff what are the best questions to put to JW`s when they unexpectedly call at your door

    However , you did well , and as you said caught them out with some evasiveness

    I don`t know that i would have agreed with them about the Trinity. Genesis says that adam and Eve would have become like us , Who was he referring to ? and with the KI translation of the Christian Greek Scriptures in John 1:1 the word for word translation by the WT " In the beginning was the word and the word was God." not " a" God

    I know it`s alright for me to say this in hindsight , how good would I have done been put on the spot.? not good.

    One last thing is John 3:16 , a well known scripture that often gets overlooked

    "For God LOVED the WORLD so much that he gave his only begotten son in order that EVERYONE EXERCISING FAITH in him might not be destroyed but have everlasting life " NWT

    And Jehovahs Witnesses do not have the monopoly on Gods Love. God loved the WORLD of MANKIND not only/just Jehovah`s Witnesses.

  • Listener

    Thanks for taking the time to record that and sharing it.

    It was an interesting way that you managed the conversation. You had control all the way and gave very little away about your own feelings or beliefs. It's not wonder the bossy Aussie lady wanted to get away.

  • Giles Gray
    Giles Gray

    The recording came out fine.

    Very interesting. It's amazing to the degree of dishonesty that they actually went to on very basic questions.

    What is interesting is that when you forced out of them the correct answers they took that as you being argumentative and then left on that basis.

    It's a shame you got distracted on the blood topic because what you had originally setup was a very good strategy. Your question to them was what would they do if they disagreed with the blood doctrine. In true JW style they avoided the question.

  • Vanderhoven7

    I liked your question: "Is there anything about your religion that you would like to see changed?"

    They simply evaded and talked about changes made in the past.

    I would have pressed that one.

    Edit: I only got half you may have done later in the conversation.

  • Zoos

    I'll tag this thread for later.

  • jookbeard

    their bare based lies was quite breathtaking, what a pair of shits.

  • Mozzie

    They preached about 1975 that was directed be the big o, yes they don;t like it when they are asked questions.

  • jookbeard

    shame that hard evidence of their doctrinal flip flops, outright failures, predictions,commencement of the blood ban UN membership etc couldn't have been presented.

  • alanv

    Well done Mr Monroe, you did well. It is so hard keeping on track when talking to a JW who love to divert when they cant answer

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