Failed JW Parent

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  • cognac
    Incorrect word choice, IMO.
    She does not choose - she has been mandated to do this by her leaders.
    WT creates "emotional martyrs."

    I disagree. Everyone has to make a choice. We might be understanding or sympathetic to varying degrees, however; they still are making a choice.

  • tiki
    I'm with cognac on this one....I knew of parents with df'ed kids who refused to cease their relationship. Even one daughter in law...the parent in-laws kept up with her and their grandson and they refused to remove her photo from the mantel when a self righteous elder demanded they do so.
  • Vidiot

    atomant - "My question is does this or does it not make the organization accountable? As in blood guilty."

    Legally? Probably hard to pin down.

    Morally? Abso-f**king-lutely.

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