Another family needlessly torn apart

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  • jambon1

    Weirdo freak shows.

    'no natural affection'

  • blondie

    Unfortunately, just being inactive is enough for people at the KH to shun you. But if you give them a proved visual realize the truth behind the relationship. We are still considered inactive and a few shun most do not. But there is not that closeness socially. Just hi and goodbye. Just be happy with what proves to be real and treasure and nurture. Do not worry about quantity but quality and family is just an accident of birth. Friends are the family you choose and who choose you. No accident.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    How do you perceive this, is this over Christmas decorations or is this the straw that broke the camel's back? In other words, if you suppress using the decorations, would things return to normal (such as it was)? By this time it's probably safe to assume she's spoken to someone in the chain of command and has been counseled in how to proceed. If not, though, you may be able to reach an aggreement regarding future holidays, if you're prepared to pay the price.

    In Christianity and Judaism, nearly everything is based on symbolism. The sacrifice of the firstlings of the flock -- those without blemish -- represent the sacrifice of Christ. Baptism represents death and resurrection, of going into the earth and coming forth in a newness of life, a re-birth. This is how Yahweh presented the law and how later, as Jesus, he continued on. It's true the Christmas Tree wasn't devised by Christ, but I think he would approve.

    The tree itself represented the night. The lights (or ornaments) represent stars and the star at the top is the Star of Bethlehem. The gifts at the base of the tree represent the greatest gift God can give, that of Eternal Life. As a teaching representation, even though it's not in the Bible, it's not bad...or evil. Perhaps if you explain it like that, she might find it somewhat less objectionable.

    That the holiday occurs on December 25 should not be objectionable, either. That it replaced a heathen holiday and taught a correct principal should be a plus and I can't understand the JWs opposing it as they do.

    It's easy to respond to such senseless and obstinate views with anger and hostility, and that's my first reaction as well, but you may offer this to her as reason. If she won't accept it, it means a life without her son and grandson. And finally, the Governing Body has itself admitted that it's not led by revelation, nor is it infallible. Thus, it could be wrong on this point.

  • Virgochik

    May as well get a bigger tree and enjoy it!

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