If You Had Freeness of Speech, What Would You Like To Tell The Elders?

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  • Utopian Reformist
    Utopian Reformist

    Thx Minnie!

  • jgnat

    I thought long and hard on this one. Face it, the witnesses practice every week on how to present to a householder, what to say under every imaginable circumstance. I, in turn, have been rehearsing a practiced retort to whatever might be thrown my way. There is way too much speech-making going on. What I would really like, is not freedom of speech, but free dialogue.

    What I would really, really like, would be to sit down with an Elder, as I have done with my pastor, and have a good heart-to-heart.

    I know, I am dreaming.

  • rocketman

    I'd like to discuss Child Molestation and UN issues with them. And the Generation thing. And Malawi and Mexico in the 70s, as COC documented.

    But what I'd really probably do is just ask:

    Does Jehovah force us to serve him?

    Does he want us to force ourselves to serve him?

    Well, then, I'm not forcing myself any more.

  • shotgun

    Most days I'd like to tie them to a chair and preach out of the Finished Mystery to them for about two hours non-stop. Then I'll pull out Millions now living will never Die and recite another hour. To top it all off I'll throw a bucket of water on them and then read Crisis of Conscience.

    Then again after the way many of them have treated my fellow humans like yourselves I might tell them to F---Off.

  • minimus

    I think about saying certain things to certain elders. Some I'd love to just tell off. But others, I like, so I wouldn't want to literally hurt their feelings, as they are basically, good people.

  • talesin

    I have lots I would like to say to the elders, but there's two problems.

    1. It would get deleted by a moderator due to foul language.

    2. They wouldn't really "hear" me. I would be like the human in the 'Far Side' cartoon who is talking to the dog. All the dog hears is "blah, blah, blah, FIDO, blah, blah, blah, FOOD, blah, blah, blah"


  • RoadDoctor

    I'd tell them to go get fucked. Oh, and that their daughters swallowed.

  • core

    Cant wait to read what Hamas would tell the elders.......

  • avishai

    The last time I was at an assembly, I was maybe 22 & looked older standing around bs'ing with some of my other marginal jw buddies . This elder comes out, who I barely know & says, "Boys the program is starting time to go in." I said something to the effect that I'd go in when I was good & ready" He puts his hand on my shoulder, sez "No it's time to go in now, & squeezes, so I grabbed his hand twisted it, & said, if you wanna keep that arm, don't ever touch me again, asshole. I don't think I've been to a jw event since. Ya should have seen the look on his face. Also the looks on everyone elses face. This was a guy who had "accidentally" broken the arm of a little boy in the cong. by grabbing him to hard. I shoulda just kicked his ass right there.

  • minimus

    That's called "strong arming"....

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