Witnessing to two JW elders

by Roger Kirkpatrick 22 Replies latest jw experiences

  • nonjwspouse

    Roger Kirkpatrick - love LOVE your approach. I will be studying your tactics as a way to approach the JWs in my own life.

    I do hope you remain here and visit often. So much help from a single post!

  • Vidiot
    Kirkpatrick - "...I asked, 'In view of that statement, why do Jehovah’s Witnesses actively shun exemplary Christians, including family members, who voluntarily leave the religion for conscientious reasons, such as Watchtower teachings which contradict the Bible?' Again, they could not answer my question."

    Razor sharp, dude.

    Well done.

  • dbq407

    Awesome job. You are every witnesses worst nightmare at the door lol. I hated getting people that knew their bible, and you know it better than 99% of witnesses!

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