Peace and security

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  • The freewheeling
    The freewheeling
    I wold love to see all the worlds leader proclaim "Peace and security" soon, loud and clear. That wold make all JWs go totaly nuts. They would all run around and yell "now it's coming, NOW IT'S COMING!". But of course nothing more will happened. No "sudden destruction is to be instantly on them" will heaped!. I think this wold be the best thing to happened now, after a year or two many many will leave the organisation in disappointment, they will wake up. What a blessing a such announcement would be...
  • TheWonderofYou


    How about that: Yesterday, the 5 permanent members of United Nation Security Council

    USA , Russia, China, France, Great Britan,

    approved a draft for a UN-resolution about Syria beginning with January 2016.

    After the talks in VIENNA in November with 17 nations now the basis for the resolution under internation law was established by the UN Security council at NEW YORK yesterday.

    The road-map was already discussed in Vienna, where the Iran- Nuclear Treaty was established as well,

    First provisional governement in Syria than within 2 years elections.

    Nations are struggling for Peace!


    Did you read War and Peace by Leo Tolstoj? In the novel the time between 1805 -1812 is described.

  • TheWonderofYou

    Funny comparison: Nineteen Eighty Four / 1984

    1984 : George Orwell

    "in the Ministry of Truth, where photographs are modified and public archives rewritten to rid them of "unpersons" (i.e., persons who have been arrested, whom the Party has decided to erase from history)


    1984: JW False predicitons:

    Are the old Watchtowers yet available or anyhow relevant, are the Wt not rewritten too?

    • 1984: There were "many indications" that "the end" was closer than the end of the 20th century.[48]

      (according to Watchtower March, 1984
  • alcyone

    this is a bit strange exegesis by the WTS. Paul's words are more to say that when they will feel secure it will come than that some "proclamation" should be made.

    In that way also old commentators saw it.


    (2) the impenitent and wicked world will be sunk in carnal security when he comes. They will regard themselves as safe. They will see no danger. They will give no heed to warning. They will be unprepared for his advent.


    3For when they shall say. Here we have an explanation of the similitude, the day of the Lord will be like a thief in the night. Why so? because it will come suddenly to unbelievers, when not looked for, so that it will take them by surprise, as though they were asleep.


    For when they shall say, Peace and safety - This points out, very particularly, the state of the Jewish people when the Romans came against them; and so fully persuaded were they that God would not deliver the city and temple to their enemies, that they refused every overture that was made to them.

    WTS says there should be a proclamation, so now every witness is watching news are looking for a politician to say "now we proclaim peace and security."

  • Landy

    I remeber being at Edinburgh assembly when 1986 was declared international year of peace and security.

    They could hardly contain themselves!

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    Peace and Security was 30 years ago now.
  • stuckinarut2

    No, sadly it won't wake up any if the end doesn't come after such a proclamation fails.

    The faithful will still blindly follow the GB.

  • Magnum
    Landy, I was in the U.S. (Tennessee). I remember it vividly. In 1985, at the end of the district convention, it was announced that 1986 was going to be declared "The International Year of Peace and Security" (or something like that) by the UN. You could hear a pin drop in the coliseum; it got that quiet.
  • Bobcat

    I started a thread on this subject (here), analyzing it.


  • wozza
    And , don't forget the release then of that little grey book on peace and security ,they knew the announcement was coming for i think it was a reworking of an older book .........and now 30 years later still here

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