If You Refuse to Question, How Can You Be Sure of the Answer?

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  • xjwsrock


    Let's pose a forbidden question....Is the JW faith actually the one true religion?

    If you refuse to ask this question with a true open mind and heart, how can it be said you know the answer is YES? Put another way..... If you refuse to ask this question TODAY, how can you really say you know TODAY that the answer is YES?

  • prologos
    xjwsr: how can you really say you know TODAY that the answer is YES?

    you could say that, but all our sure knowledge is of the past, past writings like the bible, it can not be true, so can not be any religions based on it. talking snakes anyone?

  • Dunedain

    I think most JW's, or at least the hardcore, brainwashed, hardliners, would say that they have the one and only true religion.

    Its funny, though, because the ones who say this, are usually the same ones who never questioned anything about it. They usually have never studied other types of philosophies, scientific theories, or even how the stories/myths of the most ancient cultures like Sumeria, have the same stories that pre-date the bible.

    They think they have the true religion, based on ignorance. Just like back in the day, the "great minds" thought the earth was flat, and resting on the backs of giant turtles. They believed they had the truth too.

  • xjwsrock

    I think it is incredible that JW's think it is a sin to question something that they most likely decided when they were 12 years old. Even that was based mainly on a bible story book and what their parents told them to think.


  • hyperpen

    So many people have an unquenchable thirst for answers. The JW teachings "close the loop" for so many lost, disenfranchised people. Remember when we were small children and we would drive our parents mad by constantly asking "why? why?" Even at the age of 50 I find myself asking why or how on a daily basis. Someone comes along and says guess what, we have all the answers! It is intriguing. Some just don't like to think for themselves, either because they never learned how or simply would rather not. Personally I'm OK with not knowing the answers to everything. I'll take my freedom of mind over that any day of the week.

  • NewYork44M

    Of course it is the one true religion. That is of course when it is not. And when it is not it is simply an opportunity for new light. Once the new light kicks in - back to the one true religion.

    ...very simple, really.

  • xjwsrock

    Good point Hyperpen, they certainly take advantage of human nature by giving people an all-in-one life-answer package.

    Funny NewYork44M, reminds you of a child that just wants Daddy to tell them everything is going to be alright.

    "OK....... so NOW it's the Truth Daddy? ......Oh Goodie..... So glad you gave us that new light..... Can you read me a bible story now? ........I like the one about that mean ole Korah...."

  • zeb

    now don't forget that Jackson from the GB said at the ARC that "It would be presumptuous to say" that we were the one channel from God...

  • millie210

    Great thread. I think somewhere in here is the factor that most people are the same religion as their parents.

    This used to be remarkably true but now that the world is becoming more secular it is not happening as much.

    It reminds me of food. People love the dishes they ate when they were children.

    People crave that food all their lives. It doesnt matter if it is strictly not the tastiest or most palatable mentally.

    It goes back in a far more primal way than that.

    That is the way religion seems for a lot of JWs that learned it when children.

  • undercover

    Not sure where this quote originated, but:

    Never trust anyone (or organization) that says they have all the answers, but doesn't allow questions

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