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  • Drwho

    My littel JW ex GF compares Apostates to the story of Adam and Eve , how can I dispel this argument , also she has just told me she is certain ( again ) the the end is near as per what JC told us

    Shes been a JW for over 40 years

    I want to get her to read Conflict of conscience which I bloody well just bought , how can I get her to read it ?

  • sir82

    What a train wreck of a FB page.

    What's up with the constant use of "JeW.org"? Why did she keep adding the "e" in there?

  • Drwho

    How can I dispel what a Jw says about God uses the Watchtower ? Or that the fat governing body members are annoited ?

  • LisaRose

    If your girlfriend has been a JW for forty years, then she has believed the end was close for forty years and it has not once occurred to her that they were wrong forty years ago, so it's unlikely anything you say will make any difference. I was told I would never have time for a career "in this system of things" (in the Awake magazine), I am 61, yet they still tell young people the same thing. Mostly JWs become defensive when challenged, then shut down, so that hardly ever works.

    As for apostates, JWs have been so conditioned to fear them that it is unlikely you will ever make her listen to anything we have to say. You could try the tactic that truth should stand up to scrutiny, and that if what she believes is logical and make sense then she should not be afraid of her beliefs being challenged, but don't hold your breath. I was so afraid of apostates that it wasn't until eight years after I left the religion that I came here, it took that long for the brain washing to wear off, the fear is that deeply rooted. Keep in mind that she has been attending hours of meetings brainwashing sessions for forty years.

  • Drwho

    Hi Lisa Rose

    Thanks for that , I actually told her that surely nothing could harm her faith if she reads it but theres no way i can get her to read it with me .

    What made you leave, if you dont mind me asking ? You can pm me if you feel easier



  • Worldling9

    Hi Simon,

    I remember you from JWR. She's still seeing you, after all these months! Wow, she must be feeling very conflicted. Does she know about the ARC hearings, or the $4,000 per day fines the WTS is paying to avoid producing its records on pedophiles? These are not apostate lies; they are matters of public record. As a mother, I wonder what her thoughts would be on these issues. There's also a secular reporter, Trey Bundy, who has compiled a good deal of information about JW sexual abuse and policies. Again, none of this info is from apostate sources.

    Good luck!


  • LisaRose


    I left because I started changing and growing as a person and started to see some of the hypocrisy and lack of love in the congregations, especially as I was married to a disfellowshipped person (they practice shunning of former members). I was basically treated as somewhat tainted myself, so I was very loney. I also was in a very bad marriage that I was not allowed to leave even though he was disellowshipped (they only allow divorce on the grounds of adultery). Basically, I just could not do it anymore. My physical and mental health began to suffer and I came to the point that I just didn't see how any lovinng God could possibly want me to live like that, and if he was not a loving God, then why was I suffering for him? I left and have never been happier.

    I was still so brainwashed that I thought they were closer to what the bible taught than other religions, but I just didn't care anymore. Since then I have learned how very wrong they are on many things, and how they manipulate the scriptures to justify their beliefs and how they hide their history of doctrine changes, bad date predictions and flip flops. It's not hard to prove they are wrong to any objective person, it's just that they use mind control to keep people from questioning their belief, so it's really hard to get a believing JW to question anything.

  • redpilltwice

    About two years ago, while I was still in, I had a discussion with a brother in his 60's about how some youngsters got in trouble because of social media. He literally told me that everyone who had a facebook account, should be disfellowshipped! He may have been a bit emotional at that point, but I had facebook as well (didnd't tell him) and I was so shocked by this cultish statement that I couldn't even respond . Can you imagine how many would have been disfellowshipped if this "brother" would have had the power to make the rules? I think that, besides card-witnessing for those who are approved by the BoE, more and more jw's choose easy "online" preaching to complement "hard" hours (door-to-door) to please the elders. Jworg is the bait. No exhausting discussions anymore, just redirecting to a cultish website.

    Looking back, this deluded comment must have been one of those many stones that laid the foundation for my eventual awakening.

  • Lostandfound

    redpilltwice You mentioned card witnessing for those approved by BoE

    whatcis involved in being approved and what is card witnessing, in my day it was all hard slog dtd


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