Rumor: Discouraging news from GB at upcoming CA?

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  • bohm

    This is on the reddit frontpage and sounds super weird. Can it be confirmed in any way by anyone here?

    What kind of announcement could cause JWs to leave? (letter from the GB for upcoming circuit assembly)

    My mom went to a meeting yesterday and there was an announcement that she says found disturbing disturbing. Here it goes-
    In the upcoming circuit assembly (for her its on Sept 25th in Norco CA) there will be news from the governing body. Don't let this news discourage you, nor let it lead you to leaving the congregation.
    Something like that, does anyone here know anything? I don't go to the meetings anymore so I'm out of the loop...
  • redpilltwice

    I'm very curious. Call me a dreamer, but will it finally be something transparant regarding sexual abuse and the financial concequences? Or a pope-like apology? Or something about last days/Armageddon doctrines? For all truth-loving people, such news would be great and not discouraging!

  • Saename

    Maybe they feel they can't keep the child sexual abuse issue in the dark anymore. They have been 'persecuted' over this serious problem in quite a few countries already: the USA, the UK, Australia, and even Germany I heard. Possibly, they may feel that if the rank and file members find out about the issue from the Governing Body, not from the apostates, there would be less likelihood of them leaving. However, even that still feels extremely unlikely, especially since the Governing Body has never admitted to making a mistake. That would be their first time―unless they admitted that there is a problem but stated that they are not guilty of anything, and that the policies are 'perfect.'

    Other possibilities I could think of are finances, downsizing Bethel families, and slower growth rate of the organisation. In neither instance would they admit to making a mistake, of course, but they would probably offer some sort of lousy excuses.

    Still, those are only speculations.

  • Bonsai

    Maybe a GB member is about to be canned for being too open minded.

  • DJS

    If this is true:

    The DarkLords have always had a fatal attraction to the pope. My guess is they are going to emulate his recent apology, for child abuse they enabled. I second Red pill's motion.

  • stuckinarut2

    Whatever this is, it would be unlikely that anything major would be announced at a small circuit assembly!

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    Witness My Fury
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  • RubaDub

    I can't see it being a really big item if it's released at a CA. Just too much gossip, IMO, when some have heard it and others have to wait several months to "officially" hear it at their own CA.

    Big stuff will be reserved for the Annual Meeting or some other "event" when everyone is connected at the same time.

    Rub a Dub

  • scratchme1010

    Who cares? There's nothing that those people can announce that will make me think about them. They always have some kind of "special" announcement.

  • tiki

    If this is true on any level....the pre-threat to get everyone there to hear the real threat.. Nice going, gb buffoons..

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