2 outrageous quotes from The WT Society

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  • Simon
    'The Ethiopian' lol

    Hey, that's our Prime Minister, show some respect for Trudeau!

    Is it him? He's done blackface so often, it's difficult to tell ...

  • Simon

    It's funny how changing race is seen as silly and laughable.

    The reality is that I'm way closer to being a black man or an asian man then I ever would be to being a woman. If I claimed I was black or asian I'd be condemned and cancelled, but if I said I thought I was a woman it would not only be affirmed, but I would be encouraged to take medications and have surgery to make it "real" and it would be illegal for anyone to even ask "are you sure you're not just a little crazy?"

  • Rattigan350

    1904? Why are we talking about 1904?

  • punkofnice

    w58 8/1 p.460 "Irish people do very little independent thinking. They are victims of the clergy and fear"

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere


    One of thjose finger pointing moments. There are indeed people who do no thinking and live in fear but they ain't Irish

  • punkofnice

    Roadie - Well, I did notice they use the phrase, 'to be sure', in the publications. Not how we Brits talk.

  • enoughisenough

    a thought while reading the comments: people don't seem to be satisfied with the color of their skin or hair. White people will ruin their health in tanning bed or broiling in the hot sun. At conventions, I would see the white sisters with dark tans . I would see white sisters in black hosiery and I would see black sisters in white hosiery. Some of the white gals had perms that tightly curled their hair while the blacks straigthened their hair. I am not faulting anyone...I love the diversity and see beauty no matter the skin color. I liked a comment from Patti Labelle on racism: we all bleed and we all pee.My grandfather would tell us what our ancestory is: English, Irish, Dutch, and Devil -LOL ///I watched a video yesterday where a youtuber went into the old hidden literature and showed a paragraph ( paraphasing ) that for the most part blacks were uneducated and couldn't understand the literature, so in only special circumstance should they have it because if was too valuable for to be wasted on them.

  • punkofnice
    Nuffy - people don't seem to be satisfied with the color of their skin.....

    We live in a society that makes us feel devalued unless we comply to a tribe.

    The corrupt media pushes the lifestyle of 'celebs' on to us. We are expected to be like vacuous elites that copy other peoples words for a living.

    The woketards define everyone by the colour of their skin.

    We all need to rise above this stuff and ridicule it for the garbage it all is. No one will though. It's too ingrained.

  • greenhornet

    New photo of Justin Trudeau in blackface emerges as Canadians head to the  polls

    Here you go Simon

  • Foolednomore

    "Millions now Living Will Never Die!" That one quote is the most outrageous.

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