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  • Uzzah

    Welcome Fried.

    Viv's comments were pretty bang on, but if you were never a jw you might not understand.

    The JW's believe that God is going to destroy all of mankind except for the JW's (and recently they now say 'and those god judges worthy that perhaps weren't exposed to the preaching work' that they do). This battle of Armageddon is supposed to take place in 1914, 1975, 1984, 'real soon now'.

    After this all those remaining will turn the earth into a paradise. They can do this because Satan (head honcho of the 'fallen angels) and all his cohorts will be placed in an abyss for 1,000 years. then God will release them all so he can test humanity again and kill more humans that fail the test. After he is done killing off the humans he will then kill all those bad angels.

    See God has done all this before. Remember about the flood of Noah's day (story). God killed everyone back then too because of the bad angels and their big bad offspring. That was a test run for his killing 5 billions people 'real soon now'

    Pretty whacked eh?


  • Panda

    Welcome Fried (great name), There are several never- been- jws on this forum. Some are married to jws, or otherwise related to them. The whole doctrine issue will take awhile to understand how anyone could so easily be duped into following the WTS. But here we are, some of the most (formerly) faithful jws who litterally had to break free from the WTS.

    Welcome, and feel free to scope us out! Panda

  • kls

    Welcome Fried,go to has great information, that may answer some of you'r question.

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