Catching My Breath (RIP JWD'ers)

by Phaedra 21 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Phaedra

    People who weave themselves into the fabric of our lives.

    To all JWNer's, that means you, too. Thanks.

    The study in humanity is fascinating here, with a shared past.

    Every contribution here, even when not acknowledged, touches someone in some way.

    Simon and Ang, thanks again for this platform. It means a lot to so many.

    I know the hours you put into its upkeep and maintenance are numerous and a labor of love. That's what real passion is. You do it no matter what. I've paid my own Web site bills for the same. Hosting, downloads, content creation. I'm thousands in the red, but still do it anyway despite pirates and content thieves. Site scrapers, and the new generation that begs for money to fund every project.

    Your thousands of unpaid hours that invest themselves into the souls that you reach by happenstance are appreciated by me.. Regular visitors, skittish newcomers. Curious. Angry. Search engine traffic. You serve them all. Without compensation. Asking for funds. You'd do it anyway. I understand. And tip my hat. Thank you for this site for so many years, despite the competition.

    Thanks for your continued presence (ts).

    16 years in,


  • millie210

    I liked reading this last post Phaedra. It was a well written reminder to people like myself that arent so aware of all that it takes from those behind the scenes.

    I know that here in front of the "scenes" this site has given me so much.

    I am very appreciative.

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