Catching My Breath (RIP JWD'ers)

by Phaedra 21 Replies latest jw experiences

  • wannaexit

    A couple of posters that had a great impact on me were maximus and amazing. I've not heard of them for a long time and don't know if they have passed.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Not sure the point I am trying to make, except any poster posting on the board could pass away at anytime. Now I am not saying we are " dead men walking" but I think I am deeply skeptical of elevating strong posters who passed away, and failing to recognize the many posters who were less prominent and had less impact but sadly now R.I.P.

    What I am saying is when I was at the K.H, I noticed how those that were not baptized were treated when they passed away. I always remember a strong family in the truth had a son who died from illness, and as the son was not baptized and had his problems, it was as though the congregation thought him not worthy of mourning. I never understood why his parents didn't tell the congregation to f...k o..ff. I mean the son wasn't even allowed a "proper" witness funeral. I noted his mother was devastated by her sons death, and I won't judge her, but the way she was treated by the elders and congregation at this time really pissed me off. I visited her with my wife many times, but I once visited her on the ministry with an elder and she was smoking,or at least the cigarette packet was clearly we left I said "those cigarettes are between us" and I believe they were.

  • Simon


  • rebelfighter


    You truly have a heart and that is why you cannot be a witness.

  • Heaven

    If I recall correctly, Farkel told us once he had COPD. That is not a pleasant condition to live with. It is chronic and progressive. I know because my Mom had it and died from it.

  • stuckinarut2

    The best thing all of us can hope for is that while we are alive, we can help affect others lives in some positive way.

    Perhaps we can be a pillar of support in some way no matter how small that may be....

    Thanks to all who have ever helped me in life, even if you never know what it is you have done....

  • snugglebunny
    A couple of posters that had a great impact on me were maximus and amazing. I've not heard of them for a long time and don't know if they have passed.

    I'm in contact with Amazing on FB. He's quite right-wing by UK standards and regularly argues with my friends.

  • biblexaminer

    When I hear that one of the posters here has died, I get to feeling like a fellow soldier in the trench has fallen, and there's an eree quiet as he/she is not there anymore. It's an aloneness. It feels a little like Watchtower has won a victory and we will lose the war.

    But we trudge on.

  • flipper

    I had the privilege to get to know Farkel for a few years before he died. Had lunch with him several times as he lived an hour away from me. A very straightforward, straight shooting kind of a guy- honest and opinionated - yet his opinions carried weight as usually he was right on in his opinions. Very cool, dark sense of humor which I shared in common with him. We hit it off well. He spoke from experience and the school of hard knocks- as many of us have experienced as well. No fakeness or BS about him- he was real - that's what I admired the most in him. I'll be forever indebted to him as he was the first person to recommend I read George Orwell's " 1984 " which I did - and later I thanked him for it.

    Farkel- Rest in peace my friend, you may have disgruntled a few unappreciative people who didn't understand your direct style- yet your blatant honesty helped make people think about just how damaging the WT organization was to us and how we needed to wake up and smell the coffee and get on with life after exiting the JW cult. You assisted many- and I count myself lucky to have known you and benefitted from your experiences

  • Victor

    Thanks flipper and snuggle for your input on Farkel.

    Wow, I did not realize all the ones mentioned by other posters were also gone.

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