JW news release and deception - The "High-Profile Case" in Russia

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  • sir82

    Yeah, when the rolls of fat on your neck spill over your suit collar, it might be time to start listening to those Bethel nutritionists.

  • menrov

    So, the case is still ongoing. I was wondering. Thanks for the update. And yes, that is what happens when you believe the world turns around jw.org.

  • keinlezard


    but the photograf has nothing to do with ... Jw trials !

    It's a take from June 2006


  • Splash

    I wonder if the WT gained permission to use that photo?

  • ToesUp

    WT are "legends in their own minds." Nothing more!

  • elkatire1980

    This is the actual court where they are having the trial:


  • konceptual99

    BBC Radio has been reporting the ban having been enacted. The admin centre (Bethel) is to be closed.

    EDIT - oops just seen the other thread

  • jwleaks

    In the OP, and some of my earlier posts, I made mention about the JWs and Watchtower resorting to both propaganda and misleading information in their portrayal of the Russian Supreme Court hearing into banning the organization.

    Below is a screen shot from the July 2017 study issue of The Watchtower magazine which, ironically, warns readers to be careful regarding "the use of biased or misleading information to manipulate the way people think." An example of which has been clearly evidenced in this forum discussion as it relates to Watch Tower's deceptive use of images of the Russian Supreme Court. What they portrayed as the truth vs reality were poles apart. A clear case of dangerous propaganda.

    Link to Watchtower article below:


  • Isambard Crater
    Isambard Crater

    The rather grander photo including Putin has been published by other online newspapers, though, so it's not just the J.W's using I don't think?

  • freddo

    I expect Brother Sanderson will now fly to Australia and meet with Peter McClellan and Angus Stewart at the Australian Royal Commission ...

    "Hello Gentlemen, I've been so very busy in Russia defending the property portfolio brothers and sisters and now I want to offer you every assistance in helping protect our financial assets children over here too."

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