Bad odor expereinces at the Kingdom Hall

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  • Joker10

    I personally didn't smell anything funny inside a KH. LOL. But do anyone of you have had bad experiences like having to hold your breath because the person sitting right next to you really smelled? Or maybe ever wondered what was that lite smell you didnt know where it was coming from?

  • joannadandy


    Our old kingdom hall was blessed with hard water. The rusty pipes gave off a funky rotten eggs smell that seemed worse on certain days...the water fountain smelled like it, it tasted like it, and when you washed your hands they smelled like it--UGH!

    And yes--there were the smelly people too. That you came early just to avoid to be seated next to. I lived/live in a rural area, a few of the fine brothers were farmers who probably did chores before they came to the meetings---

  • Joker10

    LOL. Funny!

  • dancnfool_60

    there was a sister who never wore deoderant. but the worst was this one brother who would clean out his ears with his fingernails then clean his fingernails with his teeth during the meeting.

  • Odrade

    There was this huge hick family in one of the halls I went to. They ate all kinds of weird food--health fanatics. You did NOT want to sit behind them at the meeting, if you get my drift.

  • iiz2cool

    I used to have a book study in my home. One day the service overseer called and asked if I minded if a certain married couple were assigned to the group. The reason he was asking was that other people wouldn't allow them in their homes because of their smell. Apparently they didn't bathe regularly. Naturally, I did what every good JW would do - I said NO! I didn't want them either.


    Canadian District Overbeer

  • smurfette

    Wierd topic but it made me remember something I'd not thought of in years. We had a wierd health nut family at our hall. Actually the whole hall was really into bizarre fringe homeopathy but that's another story in itself. This particular family was really into taking garlic capsules and the one son had been prescribed to take huge doses by their "doctor". The stench was unbelievable and permeated the entire hall. You could smell it for days after he'd left. It was truly incredible.

  • Noumenon

    There is this weird brother in our congregation who wears those little boy elastic micky mouse type ties, and these 2 pioneer sisters call him BREATHMAN! cause of his extreme halitosis. I reckon they should ban him from FS cause he must be putting loads of people off. I always make a point of telling brothers with bad breath about it. I don't give a hoot if they avoid me thereafter, good, the sods need to learn...

  • Scully

    We had the book study in our house when I was growing up. One brother had the worst foot odor, and he insisted on removing his shoes when he came in so he wouldn't track dirt on the carpets. His feet stunk. His shoes stunk. He knew they stunk too, because he applied some kind of odor-eater powder to his feet and socks and inside the shoes too. He left white powder footprints where ever he went.

    Thanks for the memory.

    Love, Scully

  • suzi_creamcheez

    Once at the Sunday Meeting I sat behind the brother who was giving the talk. He had terrible BO and kept fidgeting and moving his arms, creating a propeller effect so the odor would waft back toward us. His wife was a heavy set woman who wore strong perfume, and she passed gas during the WT tower study. It was so bad that my mom covered her nose and mouth w/ a tissue, and later had to change seats. My sister kept muttering, "i'm gonna die, i'm gonna die" when the sister blew off another one.

    BTW my mom ate fistfuls of garlic tablets too, and was pretty smelly herself. SHe used to cough up wads of garlic-scented phlegm at the meetings. thanks, mom!

    now i feel kinda sick. -suz

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