Today's Text - Jehovah is my helper!

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  • LV101

    OUTLAW -- that's hysterical!

  • jambon1

    Unless you are a helpless child, continually playing for the abuse you're suffering to stop.

    But he's a helper. He helps pioneers pay their gas bills and unexpected car repairs.

  • freddo


    The building plumbing leak you describe was in a jw monthly broadcast - one of the earlier ones I think. Sorry I can't be more specific.

  • tor1500

    Hi Again,

    Yes, I did see the chart...& the #'s...why are they the it by choice of design. I haven't been all over the world to see all the you have a point. But in my circle...they just say they are broke...

    @Longhair girl, they do get angry because you have a good job with good pay. I'm known for having a giving spirit...I help when I can, but they tend to take advantage of me...well, let me rephrase that...I allow it...but I'm pulling back little by little. When there is a gathering, of course they ask I can give a donation.

    I hang with the witnesses for a while then pull away. I don't have a user gene. You are correct not all are users. But in my congregation they are...don't ask for money for a gathering, we wait until the last minute to give it to you...Then you look they got new hair styles on a weekly clothes...& I don't begrudge anyone having $$$, but to cry broke & I see what you drive & where...& travel....makes me say...ummmm..

    I wonder if this weeks bible highlights will prick at some of their conscience with this scripture from Proverbs 13:7:There is one who pretends to be rich, yet has nothing;+There is another who pretends to be poor, yet has great wealth...Again, some feel that acting poor will get them points with Jehovah or Jesus, because Jesus said he had no place to lay his many want to imitate the characteristic of Jesus but the loving part of Jesus, no they can't do that...

    I'm not ashamed of making a good living...I know a sister that makes close to $100,000 per yr., yet she belly aches.

    As long as I stay in the org., I will try to stay in my lane...& be grateful for a good paying job & yet remain humble...


  • Divergent

    Tor... care to elaborate why you are still in after all that you have seen?

  • tor1500

    @ Divergent,

    Why am I still there...I ask myself all the time...but I'm not mad at God or the friends...people are people...witnesses are just a bunch of folks who need attention....not saying they are all that way, but majority are. I have met some nice folks there but, I know not to get too close to them... I like what I do...I like to study & don't mind the door to door either...Just want to let folks know, there is something bigger than themselves...I've been to churches & other places of worship, same folks, just different doctrine....I thinking of fading, but how, don't know just yet. Most of the congregation like me...& I like them...some are hard core & some are like me...they know it may not be God's channel, but like the association.

    At times I feel I don't fit in...I came from a pretty stable home. Great relationship with my parents. Fortunate enough not to have any ailments...I find some witnesses to be whiners....when going out in service all they talk about is their health....which is never good....they can get an operation, & they never get better...they always say, I had an operation on blah blah blah, but I think they didn't do it right...they enjoy bad health....I really don't think many of them have the faith they preach about....everyday is gloom & doom....worldly people are this & that...They know the scriptures but don't think they believe it...There are a couple of things I mentioned to them like praying for others...& a brother & sister said we can't...well don't you know when we read the Imitate their faith book, it said right black & white, Jehovah wants to pray for all. Boy, you should have seen the faces when we went over that...necks were so stiff, because they knew they gave me the wrong info.

    Again, all that I've seen I should go...but I don't want to be DF'd...just fade...I ain't swallowing the kool-aide...

    I pray to Jehovah if I'm not supposed to be there then do your thing...but don't make it hurt...although, there are a few I would miss...but I still have my non-jw friends...they are do or die friends...not like JW's which are fair weather friends...


  • Heaven

    "Jehovah is my helper"

    What a load of clap trap! Jehovah isn't a helper, he's a taker. And I have my Dad's bank statements to prove it.

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