Recovery and jigsaw puzzles

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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee
    We can sometimes have an epiphany and see the same events, but in a different light and doing that, we can make tremendous leaps. Other times, everything looks the same, and it's all dreary and there's no hope of any change. That's when it's so frustrating.

    Exactly BT

    Going back to something Swan said

    it really is hard to see any progress sometimes

    The bigger and more complex the puzzle the harder it will be to see the progress. Have you ever done one of those puzzles with little tiny pieces. It takes forever to feel like you are getting anywhere. But eventually one section gets done and you move on to the next.

    Then someone comes in and sees what you have done and they think you are doing great. They are able to look at the bigger picture (not the one on the box but the one you are working on). From a different perspective they can see the changes where all we see is the little tiny pieces all in a jumble or neat little piles.

    I know how often I feel like I am back at the beginning. I need to remind myself it just feels that way and that Ihave come a long way.

    I also know (from watching others) how all the little tiny steps that are made add up to some really important changes. I think we all need to remind ourselves of all the little tiny steps we make and see that they do add up.


    Lady Lee,

    I'm one of those people who love puzzles...

    I have put quite a few together....usually pictures of a peaceful serene garden sceneVisit Smiley Central! Visit Smiley Central!or natureVisit Smiley Central!Visit Smiley Central!....or Victorian Lace and teddy bears and teacupsVisit Smiley Central!...or kitty cats...Visit Smiley Central!Visit Smiley Central!

    Therapeutic, if you ask me....Visit Smiley Central!Visit Smiley Central!


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