Will they change the Yearbook format?

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  • freddo

    Pure speculation here but I'm wondering if - with the numbers flat-lining - that the GB will stop giving country by country stats, or perhaps at least some of the statistics.

    We used to get a monthly stat in the KM - then that was "simplified" to "highlights". I.e. only the "good" stuff. Then with the new CLAM workbook, no stats at all.

    I wonder if the yearbook will soon only contain "positive" spun stats. After all if pioneers are really dropping and baptisms are down and congregations are down and memorial attendance is down and partakers are up and growth has become negative that would let those pesky meddling apostates frame mischief against the borg.

    How would it be spun so as to not give ammunition to opposers to "persecute" bunker hiding JW's with?

    Your thoughts?

  • new boy
    new boy

    Their positive spin will be they are fulfilling Bible prophesy "The love of the greater number will cool off."

  • slimboyfat
    As soon as there are two or more years of decline I think it's pretty inevitable they'll stop publishing most or all statistics. They may stop even if growth is simply near zero.
  • keinlezard


    They could ... but why ? Remember all their lies ... they affirm to have 8 millions of follower ... but have we reason to believe in these figure ?

    In fact, we believe that stats are real figure but any proof ?

    Then in the future, why not continue to gives stats. Nothing !


  • slimboyfat

    Yes we've got reason to believe the figures. Census results in various countries, including Canada, Australia, Brazil and Mexico, consistently show higher numbers of self-identified JWs than publishers reported in yearbooks, sometimes significantly higher.

  • alanv

    When I was a JW years ago they used to have a report every month on how the local congregation was doing. Also as was mentioned the countries report was published in the Kingdom Ministry. Then just the highlights. All that has gone now because it made such depressing reading for JWs. So yes they will have to stop publishing any figures that are consistently bad year after year in the yearbook. They certainly must be well pissed off with the partakers figures going up every year when according to them they should be going down. So probably they will eventually say there is no point in publishing that figure as it is meaningless as many who partake are probably mentally challenged JWs lol

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    I agree Alan, it would be depressing for the bros to clinically observe the diminishing numbers of publishers and it would accelerate the decline so they must change their tactics.

    They would of course spin numbers decline by dredging up a scripture to show that it only proves that Big A is just around the corner.

    So I expect the yearbook to change its role in future, no figures just feel-good experiences for the faithful.

    Nothing they say ever has any critical meaning, it's all spin and waffle however and wherever they present it.

  • stuckinarut2

    The things that are defined as "ministry activity" or "service time" will continue to be broadened so that it seems like witnesses are busier! Therefore, the yearbook activity will be padded to look AMAZING!

    No different to the way that air in a potato crisps bag is designed to make the bag look bigger!

    Eg, now a "publisher" is someone who just submits a report slip of 15minutes!

    A "placement" is now simply texting someone a link to a video.

    A "return visit" is saying hello to the same person each day as they walk past the literature cart!

  • sir82

    The electronic copy of the yearbook just has a one-page summary of statistics. It's pretty easy to obscure troubling trends that way.

    I would say that very likely, the hard-copy yearbook will cease to be produced, and the electronic form will continue to only show grand totals without any breakdown by country.

  • slimboyfat

    He ebook still has the full report sir, I am pretty sure!

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