Psychedelic Jezebel

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  • TerryWalstrom


    She’s Psychedelic Jezebel.
    It says so on her VW bus, tie-dye blouse, and her handmade jewelry.

    There she is now in her garden; child of the 60’s; a cinder from a long ago passed comet.
    She shoots me the “peace sign”. I respond with a “hang ten.”

    Her multi-colored hair fairly explodes outward from her scalp. The roots are white, baby--but the rest is zealous. The ‘style’ is early electrocution.
    I suss out chemical happiness and the not-so-faint herbal scent of an early morning road trip down Bong-ville road...

    Her smile might blind me sideways. The blue-gray eyes are tuned to a distant galaxy; perhaps Betelgeuse. She’s pruning something in her vast garden. Intensely.

    Speaking of intensity...
    I’m pacing in front of the house.
    I stalk the driveway. Nervous energy. I’m scoping out the sky, the weather, the clouds, and the next decision I make will be bicycle friendly. Or not.

    That unmistakable voice of hers rings out:
    “I saw him in concert once.”
    Her soil-rich finger is pointing directly at my T-shirt. I look down clueless.
    I didn’t buy this shirt for myself. It was a gift.
    “Margaritaville”, I can make out but it’s upside down and the rest is a date and location.

    She begins a chorus in the middle of the song and points to her tats as she sways.

    “With nothing to show but this brand new tattoo.
    But it's a real beauty,
    A Mexican cutie, how it got here
    I haven't a clue.”

    I’m getting good at faking a smile. I nod pseudo-approvingly and shrug. I can see
    She is noticing for the first time that her neighbor has no visible tattoos.

    “Where are your Tats?”

    The face she’s giving me is a scold and a challenge. She's judging me with disapproval.
    Meanwhile, the bad part of my brain is busy preparing a reply and I’m not anxious to hear what it’s going to be.

    My mouth flies open and I hear myself say,
    “I’ve got the 10 commandments in a spiral around my asshole.”

    I immediately cringe! What a sick mind you have, Terry!
    I look over at her. She is beaming.

    “Cool beans!” Her head is nodding.
    I think I have won her respect.


  • sparky1

    Now THAT is some excellent storytelling!

  • blondie

    I was thinking about things like that while I watched the Grammy's salute to the BeeGees, only one left to enjoy it. I mentioned to my husband how I missed the "disco" days because of being a jw and how I was catching up lately. He promised he would get me some BeeGee CDs for my birthday.

  • tiki

    Hah...awesome Terry.....I wanted to be a hippie back in the day.....alas that damned religion.....I loved disestablishmentarianism. You are cool man....peace.

  • tiki

    Just had to re-read...this is a classic!!! 😍

  • TerryWalstrom

    Heck, thanks.

    We all see people every now and then who never left a certain era or year or style long ago defunct. They got stuck in time like Billy Pilgrim.
    I still see Farrah Fawcett hairdo's in Fort Worth, for example.
    My next-door neighbor halfway scares, mystifies, and amuses me.
    I'm sure if you asked her, she'd say the same about me :)


    My mouth flies open and I hear myself say,
    “I’ve got the 10 commandments in a spiral around my asshole.”

    I look over at her. She is beaming......“Cool beans!” Her head is nodding.
    I think I have won her respect.....TW

    What if she asks to see it?.

    The 10 Commandments, Good Choice!

    So Where Would You Like That Tattoo?..
    Image result for Tattoo artist

  • rebel8

    I demand photographic proof of these tattoos.

  • Luo bou to
    Luo bou to

    sorry rebel you will need to inspect said ars personally to be sure what with the possability of a fake photo good luck with that I do so admire your sceptical mind and need for proof

  • TerryWalstrom

    Just for the record, my nethermost regions have no sacred script!
    If I were, at my age, to seek any tattoo at all it would probably be this one:

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