What would you talk about or ask when you ran into someone at an assembly?

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  • DesirousOfChange

    i always as, "How are you kids doing?"

    Many times that brings a response about them "not being in the Truth" or "not going to meetings". I immediately say, "That doesn't matter. HOW ARE YOUR KIDS DOING?" I think they are often surprised to see that i see their inactive family members as "OK". I hope it gives them reason to think about their own view of their kids.

  • blondie

    When asked how I am or my family by a jw that could just pick up the phone and call:

    I always liked to say that my phone # is easily found online if they really wanted to find out how I am. That stops the conversation.

    Good response DOC, to turn the question around on them.

    I always hated when a jw who attends still or a family member, is asked by the same kind of jw how I am, they asked what should they say? I said to say: I have their phone number here if you would like to talk to them and get it right from the horse's mouth.

  • Finkelstein

    ....... Hi Bill , say did you hear that we are public sales representatives for a sinning commercialized false prophet the WTS/JWorg ?

    Making a vow of loyalty to these men as we did during baptism has put us a in condemned position with Jehovah and his son, for we didn't show loyalty to Jesus when he said to not listen to men/prophets who say things he didn't give them to say.

    I guess we can forget gaining salvation since we are participating in unrighteous false religion.


    I just tried to meet the hottest sisters I could find and then asked them what section they were in, and then looked at them during the session. Binoculars were a plus, but you had to be in the nosebleed section and discreet.

    DD 😈😈😈

  • 4thgen

    Actually, it's one of the few things I miss about being in....that and the (old) songs. In retrospect, many of those people may have been fake, but it sure made for a fun day. Sure, we know NOW that it's all crap, but at the time it was something to look forward to. I miss the fellowship and excitement of the conventions. It's damn hard to leave a cult after decades of indoctrination and start over. I believe that's why some go back.

    Data-dog- BTW we knew you guys were watching us!

  • My Name is of No Consequence
    My Name is of No Consequence

    β€œThere are going to be two 45 minute symposiums BACK TO BACK?”


    "When will it be over today? I gotta run to the store."

  • Tenacious

    @ Finkelstein, Right?! We had a very restrictive filter back then! LOL!!

    @ blondie, yeah, I hated that crap. These people have their number and could easily call but instead have the nerve to ask. When I stopped attending and my spouse continued they would constantly ask her about me when they could easily have phoned me. I remember one time I drove her to the memorial and then picked her up. Upon picking her up I viewed from a distance but still managed to hear a friend ask about me to which my spouse said "oh, he's good! He's actually right there in the car if you want to say hi." The friend quickly said he didn't have time and would next time but to say hi to me anyway. This just further confirmed it was a cult with conditional friends.

    @ DD, I think I may have spotted you at one time! LOL! I could always spot these guys in the hall ways walking up and down looking, smiling, and at times talking with those pretty ladies!

    @ DOC, great way to get them thinking.

    @4thgen, this is very true. To us it was a very BIG social event. I remember hearing somewhere that it was like the JW Oscar's. Everyone was dressed up and couldn't wait to see everyone. It's normal to feel that way. When I first stopped attending I was mad at the world. Then came the regret period. Then the nostalgic period. Today, I'm as happy as a clam and could care less about all those conditional friendships. Interestingly enough, prior to walking away completely, I actually cut off everyone even though I still attended. I knew that the day would come where I would have to make the hard choice to avoid everyone and eventually those same people would stop talking to me. Although I must say some people when they see me will still say hello and just be polite. Others that I knew were real zealous won't even look my way when they spot me. I get a giggle out of it every time.

    @MNIONC, Yep!!!! As soon as I reached my seat and settled in I'd get out the program and I'd go straight to the end of the day to see what time each day ended and how long the lunches were. LOL. What a life!!! LOL!!!

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