What would you talk about or ask when you ran into someone at an assembly?

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  • Tenacious

    I remember whenever we had an upcoming district assembly they would usually cancel the weekly meeting so it would be about 1 week (if you didn't do field service) until you would see members from your congregation again. And also other members from other congregations you may have attended in the past.

    Do you remember how some members would embrace and scream for joy whenever they came across someone they hadn't seen in a while? And how this would repeat again during the next assembly?

    Do you remember how some members from your own congregation would embrace you as if they hadn't seen you in a million years yet it was just 1 or maybe 2 weeks ago?

    I remember the questions we would ask each other after all other pleasantries and family questions would all typically be about the same:

    1. Where are you guys sitting?

    2. Where are you guys staying? (district)

    3. What did you bring to eat?

    4. What time did you arrive?

    5. Where is (family member)?

    Was it just me or did you also experience the same?

    Also, was there ever a time you felt down because you couldn't buy yourself something new to the assemblies or memorial day?

  • sir82

    It was mostly "what hotel are you staying at?".

    If you wanted to spend time with them, you'd ask where they were going to eat afterwards.

    Other than that, the usual mix of gossip / sports talk / car talk / clothes talk, etc.

    Nothing remotely "spiritual", of course. Well, unless you count the obligatory "oh, isn't this just the best assembly ever?" which was followed by "Yep, sure is, sure is....." which was followed by the 1000 yard stare, after which you'd snap back to talking about "hey, did you catch the game last night" and things got back to normal.

  • blondie

    I no longer attend, but I can remember the WT publications talking about missing the spiritual association before and after the meeting, discussing points in the meeting. What a load of crap. As sir82 says, jws don't talk about the bible, it is a social thing, and those who try find the other jws rolling their eyes and moving on to talk to someone else.

  • EmptyInside

    I was always annoyed at the ones,who acted like I was their long lost friend,when it's not like we lived that far away from each other.

    But,yes,it was mostly the same small talk about where you were staying,or if you drove back and forth,etc.

  • Tameria2001

    Whenever I attended the assembly (when I was single) I always looked for my friends that I knew from different congregations. At the time I was a regular pioneer and a member of the electrical crew that went to work at kingdom hall projects. When I wasn't doing that I was hiding out in the food department, and hiding from my boss, who happened to also be an elder from my congregation. His business was cleaning, and he was in charge of the cleaning department at every assembly. If given the chance he would try to draft me into cleaning toilets, and not getting paid for that. No way was I going to do that for free. lol

    When I eventually got married, I didn't attend very many assemblies - my husband hated those things. He has A.D.D., and the ones we did go to, usually left early.

  • snugglebunny

    Who's a pretty boy then?

  • Finkelstein

    One could call it pretentious pleasantries.

    Smile always why ? because your a personal servant of Jehovah representing his earthly organization.

    Add in the fact that you are constantly being watched and monitored toward your activity within the organization, even toward how you dress and what kind of personal associations you have or how much time you've spent recently in service.

    The JWS cult is an organized social effort of psychological control.

  • Tenacious

    @ sir82,

    Ah yeah, the assembly and spiritual food received.

    Information from the Jehovah's Witness leaders can be likened to getting drive-thru fast food.

    By the time you get home and open the container it's too late. It's rotten food you wouldn't give to your dog.

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    Snugglebunny, that's got to be Twickers in the early sixties. Things were so simple then.

  • Ding

    With all the "new light" these days, the "great insights" and "spiritual food" you got at the assemblies was out of date by the end of the year.

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