I am a Living Time Machine

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  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    I sure do miss phone booths. It just isn't the same with a cell phone.

    ...and once in a while, when you'd get an annoying phone call, there was something very satisfying about being able to "hang-up" on someone by slamming down the receiver. "Hanging-up" on someone with a cell phone is very unsatisfactory.

  • waton

    if you care/can turn to page 426 of the "Proclaimers" book' " The World has ended"

    "Millions now living will never die" "-- nie sterben" in german. In the left corner photo, on the floor, among the wood shavings, "hobelspaene". you can see a wooden C lamp, that in 1918 already was an antique. In 1946 I traded two of these identical ones for my tobacco- rations. I still have them. Ready to show all comers. Theses clamps survived the end of the world that came (invisibly, symbolically, wt style, ), but nobody noticed. and are noe the two silent witnesses to the authenticity of photos like that. ) I also have a desk that I made that served as a cramped quarters study base for a Member of the GB.

  • TerryWalstrom

    Since I am old, I recognize all sorts of things which have zero meaning to those of a tender age.
    While it isn't an advantage per se, it imparts a wee glow of self-satisfaction.
    It's not unlike owning an old trunk with stickers from all over the globe signifying a well-traveled life.
    My brain is cluttered with old stickers.

  • waton
    My brain is cluttered with old stickers.

    Terry, do not call it that: clutter. I have started to just write one line notes on things that happened, what I do not normally remember during day to day activities. . an amazing chain of unrelated events, just to reflect on of what happened on the journey.

    That journey is your legacy, it does good to reflect on that. it is a moving experience as moving gets more and more difficult.

    yesterday's random entry: Event at x construction company, a one ton facing stone, being lifted to the 10st floor broke loose and smashed down, 8 feet from me, through a ready to pour floor forming and collapsing the whole section right beside me. My comment to the foreman: "Just wait until the rest come down' soon,-- soon like at Armageddon" ha ha, that was 47 years ago, prior to 1975. thank you wt.

  • Luo bou to
    Luo bou to

    we had a modern bakelite valve radio which we sat around listening to before tv I was 12 I remember at that time mum got a modern hoover twin tub washer and no longer needed to boil the clothes in a wood fired copper but still needed to hang up the clothes on a line she lifted up higher with clothes props(long poles) Bread and milk were delivered as was ice for the ice chest and the excrement from the dunny way down the back yard would be picked up by the dunny man Brisbane was not fully sewered untill Clem Jones became Lord Mayer

  • TerryWalstrom

    On FACEBOOK, I notice attitudes, worries, fears being expressed in the context of Current Events which gives me pause to reflect.

    Having lived through the Korean War, the Cold War, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Vietnam War, Federal imprisonment, the run up to 1975's faux-mageddon, race riots, and dozens of wars, insurgencies, terrorism and such...
    BECAUSE I LIVED during all these events and because each carried predictions of DOOM--I have desensitized to crying "wolf" by news agencies, propagandists, religious mouthpieces, etc.

    I try to reassure everybody (I'm old, so nobody listens anyway) North Korea and Russia will NOT engage in a nuclear war with the USA because it is all bullshit played out in MEDIA for click bait, increased ratings, and for Eisenhower's Military Industrial Complex ("Defense contractors") and other billionaires to have plenty of $$ and business to carry them through in style :)

    "Fool me once, shame on you..." that old saying begins.

    "Fool me twice, shame on my..." it continues.
    I would add, "I'm old enough so that I shouldn't let anybody fool me ever again."

  • BluesBrother

    "If you aren't 70 then:
    I'm from a different world than YOU are!

    My ways are not your ways.
    My thoughts and feelings and ideas and opinions are just plain weird to you because you haven't lived my lifetime."

    EXACTLY ! Well said Terry....

    We ,of this generation, know just what you mean. We get by with modern tech. but do not understand or like it . Worst of all , this is felt within the WTS by my family who despair at the [email protected] videos and mangled versions of much loved " Kingdom Songs"

    'We never thought it would come to this...'....I keep hearing......

  • TD

    One thing I've noticed as an older person is that popular fiction has become less and less palatable. -Kinda disappointing because I really, really like good fiction.

    The wildly popular series, Game of Thrones, for example, had spectacular special effects and an absolutely stellar cast, but the story was implausible at a level that not even magic and magical creatures could fix.

    I would guess that young people today haven't been forced to read the same things in school that I forced to read and therefore have an easier time accepting this fictional universe than I do (?)

    Thomas Paine's Common Sense essays make it abundantly clear that the politics of the early Middle Ages would not have mixed with the level of civilization of the Early Modern Period. And yet that is the world depicted in GOT. --A world sophisticated enough to have libraries, trade guilds, commerce between continents, professional healers, etc. and yet backwards enough for a spoiled brat to ascend to the throne by right of heredity, just like Amel-Marduk of Ancient Babylon.

    Yes and pigs fly, astronauts don't need helmets in outer space and helicopters can hover upside down. There's a reason why the Early Modern Period is also known as the Age of Revolution.

    -but I guess my age is showing, LOL.

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