Dead Child In The Hot Car

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  • Valis

    Ah shit...another one. Someone left an 8 month old in a van all day..the day care worker forgot the little boy was there and didn't discover him until he went to go pick up kids from school.. Terribly sad and a good reminder to not leave your children in cars...even if they are running. Yes it sucks to drag them around, but burying them sucks unimmaginably more. Also, checking to see if your day care has a system of checking kids in and making sure they are accounted for is very important. If you haven't done so now, then maybe this will make you think it a bit more important to do.

    Child found dead in vehicle

    06:04 PM CDT on Wednesday, August 20, 2003

    From Staff Reports

    DUNCANVILLE – An 8-month-old boy was found dead this afternoon in a Chevrolet Suburban parked at Central Elementary School.

    Police said they received a call from a man who said that a young boy in the SUV was not breathing.

    "We have heard reports that the child could have been in the car as early as some time this morning," said Keith Bilbrey, Duncanville city spokesman. Police are not releasing the name of the driver, who police is interviewing.

    Temperatures were forecast to reach 100 degrees Wednesday afternoon.

    In June, a 2-year-old boy died after being left inside a day care van parked outside a Lancaster day care center. The boy, Alan D. Brown Jr., died June 3. Two day care workers were indicted Tuesday on charges of injury to a child in connection with the case.


    District Overbeer

  • heathen

    I believe that's called neglegent homicide . These people deserve the electric chair just so they could feel what it's like to fry to death. It's a pitty people can be so stupid.

  • SheilaM

    I don't get it I was 19 and 21 with two babies and never ever ever thougth of leaving in the car I also would NEVER leave my grandbaby for a second.

    Remember to look around you when your putting your groceries in your car, I look for Mom's with infants that feel obligated to put their carts up. I run and say "can I get that for you" that way the baby isn't left for a milisecond. Also I look in cars all the times for animals and children and YES I will call 911 but not before I have broke a window out

  • teejay

    People who do that should be handcuffed into a vehicle with the doors welded shut and left there for however long it takes till they die. Period.

  • Valis

    teejay my nizzle...I was thinking more like the Cool Hand Luke Treatment in the black box somewhere deep south during July or August then a nice lifetime stay in a place where they hate child killers...


    District Overbeer

  • teejay

    I got no problem with that, Valis. Just so they don't go too quick is all I'd ask. People who do that to little kids don't deserve to live.

  • jws
    I don't get it I was 19 and 21 with two babies and never ever ever thougth of leaving in the car I also would NEVER leave my grandbaby for a second.

    I guess when it's not your kids, people aren't as respoonsible.

    This is shocking. After the last daycare incident, you'd think ALL daycares (especially in DFW) would have implemented some sort of procedures to guard against this. I think the whole daycare should be held responsible.

    One more reason I'm glad my babies are staying home and only travelling with their parents.

  • Angharad

    I really cant beleive some people are so stupid, how can you just forget about a kid thats in your charge all day - that poor kid

  • safe4kids

    Hey Vassal,

    That is so unimaginably sad It happened here a couple of weeks ago and unfortunately seems to happen every summer. I just don't understand HOW people can 'forget' about a child, especially as Ang said one who is in their charge for the entire day! You'd think at some point they'd notice they were missing the child

    I accidentally locked my son in the car when he was a baby; I had a two door mustang, put him in his car seat and closed the door so I could go around and put my infant daughter in the other side and just as the door closed, I realized my purse with my keys was sitting in the seat. Talk about panic! I was really freaking out. Looking back now, I can laugh at how crazy I got but it sure wasn't funny at the time. My neighbor came over and he and I were trying to figure out how to break the window without getting glass on the baby when my husband showed up with the other key. Whew! It just doesn't take very long for a closed up vehicle to get dangerously hot in a climate like Florida or Texas and that whole experience left a marked impression on me (I never did that again!).


  • obiwan

    There was a woman here in Detroit last year who did the same thing with her two children. She left them in the car so she could get her hair done....three hours later they found the kids.

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