Poor JW dies from heat stroke

by reubenfine 21 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • lawrence

    I wonder how many souls of their reporting 6 million live in darkness, loneliness, cold, and/or heat as the new printing presses and facilities are being planned for New Light publications preaching falsehoods.

  • LeslieV

    How sad that no one kept in contact to make sure she was alright. My elderly grandmother is in a nursing home. Since she went into the nursing home just one elderly sister has visited her. She has been in there for a year. My grandmother has been an active JW for 80+ years. It is appalling!!!!

    In other churches they have a committee that is set up to visit the sick and elderly. It is all about counting time!!!!! If the stupid borg would allow JW's to count their time with the sick and elderly everyone in the KH would visit. There is no active love it is just lip service.


  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    (((Reuben)))....yet another black eye for those who claim to be God's "channel" which should be caring for widows and orphans as one of their top priorities....

    Frannie B

  • mouthy

    That is sad...Sorry...Well the elder will be able count time as he gives her funeral.Visit Smiley Central!

  • Francois

    All those billions and not one cent for widows and orphans; even if those widows and orphas spend their lives peddling the WT & Awake. If that is not the practice of a gigantic sin I don't know what is. And I don't guess I have a heart big enough to forgive this particular one. I just can't help despising the WTBTS. It worships money, that's plain. It has no love in it, that's plain. It does not, will not, follow the direction to take care of widows and orphans that's plain. Of what value is it? It demands ALL and it returns NOTHING. It is totally valuless.

    I cannot wait to hear The Master pronounce judgement on the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society: "Get away from me you workers of lawlessness. I never knew you."


  • berylblue

    Amen, Francois

  • JH

    In 1996, I found a 56 year old brother dead in his apartment. He had a heart condition, and had a pace maker. I gave him lifts to the hall twice a week. He usually phoned me every day because he had no friends in the congregation. I had no news from him for 3 days, so I went over, and saw 3 news papers at his door. I went straight to an elders house and told him to come with me. We were able to open his door, and we found him dead in his bed. If I wouldn't have went over to the brothers house, no elder would have thought of that.

    Certain old people in the congregation are well treated, but others young or old, if you are not liked, are just ignored.

  • Hamas
    I cannot wait to hear The Master pronounce judgement on the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society: "Get away from me you workers of lawlessness. I never knew you."

    Don't hold your breathe. If the master really gave a shit he would put a stop to this nonsense ; alas ! the master doesn't exist

  • Panda
    It demands all and returns nothing.

    Exactly. She litterally cooked herself by having that fan on in the hot trailer house. And no elder must have ever visited her or they'd know her situation. No one cared. I remember somewhere that the WTS said it was first the family responsibility to care for elderly people. Nice way to brush that off! And she probably had low hours for many years because of poor health etc. So she was no longer useful to the publishing company ... no gol watches here.

  • jelly

    Thats a crime for that lady to die like that:

    • Her family failed
    • Her religion failed
    • Her friends failed
    • and our society failed


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