Poor JW dies from heat stroke

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  • reubenfine

    I woman in Mesa, Arizona whom I've known for over 30 years recently died in her mobile home. 83 years old and too poor to afford the added electricity of air conditioning on her $500/month Social Security check, she was found dead in her chair with a fan blowing on her. The elders said they didn't know. Well, it's August and it's been hot here for 3 months, but I guess they didn't have much time left after selling magazines to go check on her. She was a very nice person. Very sad, and yet another testament to what dubs can look forward to after a career of cleaning windows, poverty and neglect.

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  • heathen

    what a bunch of schmucks . I see now they get you to shun your family so you can die a lonely death due to neglect.

  • Blue

    That is so wrong to neglect our elderly. Do you remember all the articles on taking care of our parents, grandparents ect? The best thing they could do is forget about that "good news" and show they have a heart for others. Too bad some of that money couldn't be used to help these people that so desparately need help. How about just visiting them or calling them to see how they are.

  • Gopher
    Do you remember all the articles on taking care of our parents, grandparents

    Yes, who can forget those well-worded articles? But unless someone takes the lead and actually gets it going, it never gets done. And it's just NOT a priority with the J-dubs, to help their disadvantaged members.

    For a time, they counted all good works you did in everyday life as part of your sacred service. I remember when that "new light" flashed out, and it made a lot of sense to me.

    But then someone with other ideas prevailed, and sacred service was again confined to serving the Watchtower organization.

    So the rank-and-file are rewarded for hours spent in "field service", while the needs of the disadvantaged in the congregations can very easily be overlooked.

    How sad to "fall between the cracks" of an organization that you tried to follow for many years!

  • berylblue

    I am so sorry, reuben

  • mizpah


    I remember the articles that promoted a ministry that included more than just field service. For a short time, members made an effort to visit and sick and elderly. There was more of a spirit of helping one another. But, as I understand it, field service numbers began to drop. And the Watchtower Society once again emphasized that the only service that counted was the field service.

    We had an elderly sister who faithfully devoted her time and money to the Watchtower Society. But when she became sick and unable to share in the field service, she was nearly abandoned by those in the congregation. Neighbors wondered why her "church" wasn't doing more for her. They began helping her.

    It seems when one's usefulness to the Watchtower Society ends, the person is left to fend on his own. I've seen this happen over and over again in that "loving" organization.

  • reubenfine

    Yes, good points. I think that is the main reason for the neglect, (other than the obvious lack of love), the inability to count time. It's the same way when you fade out, they can't count time on you. I remember those articles, too.

  • czarofmischief

    It's sad. It happens a lot, actually - old people have a fan and it turns their little house into a convection oven and can drive the temp up to several degrees HOTTER than the outside temp.

    So NOBODY in that congregation had an old air conditioner that they could have donated? Oh, but that would require visiting and making sure that the older lady was okay, and that would have taken time away from doorknocking and molesting kids.


  • acsot

    Poor lady, my heart breaks thinking of her sitting there alone, in the heat, maybe wondering where her friends were, perhaps thinking and fretting that perhaps she had done something to offend others and that's why they weren't visiting her.

    Damn them! I know if my mother didn't have me (the closet apostate) and her gay son and his companion of almost 20 years, she'd be placed in institutionalized care with nary a visitor. The WTS promotes egotism and selfishness, not the supposed love they brag about.

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