Why should I be Happy?

by Maverick 13 Replies latest social relationships

  • teejay

    Thanks for sharing your story, Mav.

    Many will find it inspirational. Including me. It's good to know that with perseverance, you can win.

  • Maverick

    Thank you all for your kind words. My worldly family and clients were there for me and I owe them much. The J-duds seemed happy to see me fall on hard times. I could never understand this. They seem to like seeing a well educated, successful, business owner fail. Was it because this validated their lack of ambition? I could not reconcile this attitude with a loving God. Even though my ex is remarried and a dud in good standing, she still tries to work my daughter over. She can't get to me personally so she hurts the girl. Again, how does this reflect a loving God? To all you who are in the middle of this trail of tribulation, take the high road, be true to yourself and remember those who helped you out, and when it has passed, (and it will) thank them often! Maverick

  • Aztec

    Hey Mav, since I've met you and all that stuff, I think you are a breath of fresh air! I think what you've made of your life is very inspirational. Keep up the good work and if you ever get back to Detroit let me know! :-)


  • Swickley

    From a "newbie" who knows all too well the dreary J-dud syndrome, congrats on your happiness and success on becoming free. Yes, thank goodness for those wonderful "worldly" family members who reached out to help you when you needed it most (something the duds know nothing about) and who have stood by you. It is the true meaning of love.



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