WT claims to have completed "Peak Construction Phase of New World Headquarters"

by wifibandit 50 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Zoos

    That looks like an air traffic control tower. Are the kings building a landing strip for their new Dreamliners?

  • Anakin

    Thank you atlantis,for your great work..It's not the style of the buildings I had in mind.., but probably I have to wait until they are finished..

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury
    Maybe there will be a helipad on the roof as that sure looks like an atc tower?
  • ToesUp

    It's perfect. It looks like a corporate business. How fitting...cold and businesslike. Perfect for them!

    Once the compound is complete they will lock it down. No one but the servants (maids, etc) will be able to enter.

  • pixel
    "Peak construction", code for from here it goes downhill folks...

    It looks like an internment camp/ shopping mall. Did Mike Brady design it?

    What could it be converted into in 10+ years when Armageddon doesn't come? A psychiatric facility? Keep an eye out for razor-wire fencing designed to keep people in.


  • cuckoo in the nest
    cuckoo in the nest

    That guard tower reminds me of another infamous guard tower...

  • Vidiot

    I think it's just...

    ...their watchtower. :smile:


    BTW, re. PlayingField's pic... I had no idea they'd built so much; it's like a college campus.

    Maybe when the time comes, they'll give David Miscavige a good deal on it. :smirk:

  • sparky1

    I want to get back into Bethel service and be a tour guide! "PRIVET!!!!!.....and welcome Comrades to St. Governingbodiesberg located here in Warwick Oblast. The Politburo of the Central Committee has provided a wonderful center for the education of the masses in the Parties Current Ideology (Present Truth (tm) )! "

  • Vidiot
    The name "Watchtowistan" has never been more appropriate, IMO.

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