Shunning vs. Silent Treatment

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  • raven


    Great input, your comment is so exact to reality, its so hard to try to rid of these insane doctrines and manipulation the org pushed on us some at a very young age.. I was hearing these things at around 4 years old, so growing up brainwashed I didn't think twice about the org and what/who they really are. Thank goodness we have all woken up to the ttatt, such a twisted demonic group.


    Wow really? I vaguely remember the cartoon, maybe we can find the link on YouTube? The org is one big bully, they all claim they're full of love but when someone actually starts independently thinking they'll kick on the avoidance.. JW's have this mentality that they're better than everyone, and the org states that haughtiness is a sin in itself.. This whole group is full of contradictions and hypocrisy, so glad to be out.

  • stuckinarut2

    @raven, I believe it was called "beating a bully without using your fists" or something like that?

    It was a black and white cartoon drawing video presentation.

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