Cart Witnesses Today - I am not impressed

by pale.emperor 43 Replies latest jw experiences

  • punkofnice

    The apathy trolley. That's how I view them.

    You can't talk to them because they don't know what they believe.

  • jookbeard

    I had another chat in Croydon town centre yesterday, a very busy town and shopping area, every time I drop by there there is a cart so without wasting anytime I picked up a rag and engaged the two guys , this time I fancied a chat about their blood stance and I went to ask them how long the ban had been in force etc ( they claimed since the foundation of the WTS which I had to correct them on) , they eventually had to admit to my line of the conversation but one of the guys a youngish guy early 20's reasonably bright stated that the transfusing of human blood did not begin until during the second world war and that all blood transfusions consisted of only animal blood! I didn't know weather to laugh out loud( a google search that I did later shows that a physician by the name of William Harvey carried out the first human blood transfusion in 1628! British physician James Blundell carried out the first successful human blood transfusion in 1818 to a patient suffering from postpartum haemorrhage) we had agreed that the prohibition on blood started some time in the early 1950's, I gave them an illustration " you have two young familes in a KH the time was say for example the mid 1940's when blood transfusions are allowed, one of the young children of Family A suffer a terrible accident is rushed to the emergency room of a local hospital is suffering large blood loss and accepts a blood transfusion lives to a ripe old age and no more is ever said about it, fast forward a few years to the mid 1950's, Family B have a young family and one of the children suffers the exact same tragedy as what happened to Family A but because of the new teaching about blood transfusions being banned the young kid dies due to refusing of a blood transfusion," I ask them how unfair is that? by this time they are so tangled up in knots its very very embarrassing , the other guy spouts up that the lad that took the blood "would be dead in gods eyes etc!" I said I think you've misunderstood me, the child of Family A I mentioned took the blood sometime in the 1940's when there was no blood ban, I think he still failed to understand me. Its sad and rather pathetic that the average R&F have such a useless knowledge of a doctrine that is so fundamental to their core teachings.Guess what? they both packed up the cart and bid me farewell an experience I've been seeing more and more of when I talk with them! I commented finally I must be the only guy in town that can make the jw's run away !

  • pale.emperor

    Can someone confirm if they have been given a directive to NOT engage in debates? Because they all seem to be avoiding conversation and directing us to their webshite. This is a complete 180 turn on what we were all directed to do when we were in.

    Hell, i remember when the internet was to be avoided. My parents only got the internet in 2005 and even then they asked an elder if it was ok first.

  • jookbeard

    I think there must have been a directive PE, this has happened to me on at least a half a dozen occasions now

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