Cart Witnesses Today - I am not impressed

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  • Chook

    More rules to man the cart .

  • jookbeard

    I saw two newbies at their cart in my local town centre recently so I thought I'd pick up a rag and engage in a brief exchange, what an utter waste of time that was, I briefly tried to engage them in a couple of subjects and knew from early on in the interaction that I was wasting my time, they were completely clueless , they were either very new to the WTS or just didn't didnt have even the basic understanding of doctrine/science/world conditions etc, I'll continue to plug away though.

  • tiki

    Just regarding that worthiness card.....physical stamina???? Don't they just sit there? Or do they have to stand constantly? Ooohhhh...never mind...I just figured it out. Got to be able to grab cart and contents and run if accosted by mentally diseased ones....hah. Its all such a waste of time, effort and space. That religion has turned into a bad joke.

  • careful

    pale.emperor, thx for the report slip. "Yah, vee haf more for our dossier on you!"

    Interesting, isn't it, how the first item is physical appearance. The whole religion has become so surface, lacking much depth. Could you imagine a category on "teaching ability"?

  • pale.emperor

    Interesting, isn't it, how the first item is physical appearance. The whole religion has become so surface, lacking much depth. Could you imagine a category on "teaching ability"?

    oh yeah! haha, i never noticed. No mention of teaching ability or scriptural knowledge.

    As for physical appearance. It only takes having a beard and you suddenly get a red X in that box.

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    Too bad the carts don't have customer satisfaction feedback forms. I'd want to speak to their manager!

  • OrphanCrow

    I think that the WTS has designed the cart witnessing behavior to accommodate the use of them in countries where evangelical religions are strictly controlled.

    The WTS has to make the rules and regulations consistent across their operations worldwide in order to give substance to the claims that they don't try to convert people at their carts.

    For example, the use of carts has been the subject of court cases in Russia:

    Jehovah's Witnesses E. Shevchenko and Ye. Zherebilova, for example, were charged under Article 20.2, Part 2, with "unlawful picketing" for displaying religious literature on information stands in a park in the Rostov Region town of Shakhta. Police and prosecutor's office staff carrying out an "anti-extremism inspection" allegedly observed that the two women were standing only 25 metres apart (the minimum distance permitted between one-person pickets, which require no notification, is 50 metres). Judge Lidiya Cherepanova of Shakhta City Court found them guilty on 4 April 2016 and fined them each 20,000 Roubles.

    Jehovah's Witnesses Oleg Shekhanin and T. Shekhanina, however, were also charged under Article 20.2, Part 2, with "unlawful picketing" for standing together with religious literature displayed on a trolley on the river embankment in Kaliningrad – but were acquitted. Judge Irina Kuzovleva of the city's Leningrad District Court decided on 22 January 2016 that the defendants "did not take an active part in the event by expressing opinions or making particular demands, and did not create a threat to public order or public security".

    The org's "rules" around how cart witnessing is to be done conform to what is necessary to evangelize in countries where it is restricted.


    They were being TOTALLY EXEMPLARY !

    You had a first hand demo of that - Dodo brained JW's - with no true interest in mankind - robotically following their Jedi Masters manipulations !

  • pale.emperor

    I'd like to see my approach and attempt at a conversion re-enacted on one of those silhouette presentations they show at the CLAM.

    GIRL 1: (to her friend) ...and that's just the beginning, the petrol costs about £50 a week...

    ME: <i take a magazine from her hand> Hi. Are you Jehovah's Witnesses?

    GIRL 1: Yes (turns to her friend) ....and now im paying £145 a month in insurance alone, i never had this problem with the Renault Cleo...

    ME: Yeah, i think i spoke to one of you a few weeks ago. I enjoyed your magazine.

    GIRL 2: ...It really depends on the model. My dad used to drive a Ford Focus...

    ME: ...

    GIRL 1: You can take another one if you like...

    ME: What's the book about?

    GIRL 1: It's a book that helps you understand the bible.... (to her friend) ...dont go with a rental car. They just eat the money up...

    GIRL 2: ...i could go on my dads insurance i suppose...

    ME: ...

    GIRL 1: ...

    GIRL 2: ...

    Both now just standing staring at the street.

    ME: ...

    I walk away bewildered that they even managed to get that job. But at least i got a magazine and 2 books to throw in the next bin i saw.

  • TheWonderofYou

    Supermodel Coco Rocha is out on service - are you now impressed? A fake but nice.

    Here for Glamour

    A practicing Jehovah’s Witness since childhood, she has clauses in her contracts barring nudity and cigarettes, religious icons or war-related and political messages in pictures.
    “Early on it was a little more difficult for me to voice my opinion,” says Rocha, who advocates for models’ rights and helped pass a New York State law protecting underage models. “Now it’s common knowledge: [I] will only wear certain things or do certain things.”

    'No religious artifacts, no government artifacts. If I’m shooting with a male model, what is he exactly doing with me?
    'What is he wearing? If I’m working with other models, what are they wearing? Are they playing something that I don’t want?,' she described.

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