What JW Beliefs Did You Find Difficult To Explain?

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  • minimus

    There are a lot.

    Anything blood related was difficult to reasonably prove from a Witness perspective.

    1914 was another one.

    What can you add to the list??

  • Vanderhoven7

    If we can broaden the question to include what non-JWs found JWs tongue-tied over....I would add the WT teaching that there was less than 150,000 faithful Christians that ever existed prior to the 20th century.

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    Everyone except JWs were going to die if they rejected their message.

    If no one knocked on the door for you to reject God read your heart so you might still make it.

    Dead people (even bad dead people) got a free pass to paradise and were resurrected because the wages sin pays is death...but good Jdubs may not make it even on the back of Christ's sacrifice.

  • Vanderhoven7

    Great Point AA!

  • Charles Gillette
  • blondie

    Most of them (hard enough to get jws to be on the same page)

  • Giordano

    Since the JW religion is based on a man made interpretation of questionable bible books everything they have offered is questionable. The WTBTS made up crap all over the place.

    Sorry there was no Garden of Eden or a world wide flood. There was nothing of any value in the nation of Israel......just a bunch of blood thirsty savages. People with strange beliefs. Read Leviticus....... it's better then taking drugs for a relief from reality.

    By the way scholars have questioned the early divinity of Jesus since it didn't happen until the Apostle Paul dreamed it up. Up to then Jesus was a self appointed dusty Rabbi. One of many who saw themselves as the Messiah. 'Money for nothing........ and the chicks are free' (song from Dire Straights) was a couple of perks while promoting themselves as the Messiah

  • pale.emperor

    For me, whenever i read the epistles of Paul I couldn't get my head around the idea that "this doesn't refer to you, he's talking about the 144,000 only". I remember reading some of it thinking it was very clear that he's talking about all Christians - so had to revert to Watchtowers to explain it away to me.

  • tiki

    Any of their beliefs surrounding dates.....and now they've added the elusive generations....

    And I always revert to those dead bones that fleshed up and came to life application to the WW1 "witnesses"....and how about the army of locusts...witnesses stinging message discomforting Christendom clergy....

  • Billzfan23

    Had to be the 144,000 and the fact that we have living partakers in our KingDumbHells.

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