Surge in Mormon Suicides

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  • kaik

    Children of gay couples

    Yes, many gay and lesbian people have kids. I know several of them. To be gay or lesbian does not make a person sexually impotent. Some gay couple adopt, have surrogate parent, went through artificial insemination, or taking care of children from their extensive family.

  • Qcmbr

    The Mormon collapse is apace. The next own goal is about to hit the news; the writer of the PDF at is about to be given a church court. This is going to be publicised a lot and the number of members reading this article will increase - shelves will continue to break.

    The LDS image of pro-family and progressive attitudes is being destroyed. The tragedy of LDS youth deaths is the sharp end of the ongoing tragedy of this cult. This is as real as it gets and an example of why faith based belief is only a step away from material harm. These suicides are all caused by tragedy in someones life and the recent LDS statements and policies against gay people and their children has undoubtedly contributed if not caused many of these suicides.

    The LDS leadership are also , stupidly, opposing medical maruijana in Utah which is already costing them internal support

  • DJS
    Hate has consequences. It doesn't exist in a vacuum.
  • brandnew

    Sounds like maybe they got a few new leaders, and those new ones are trying to push their own personal views.

    Sound tight pantishly familiar?????

    Mad Puppy

  • Qcmbr
  • Vidiot

    Damn, I thought the LDS was starting to relax a bit after the embarrassment of the Proposition 8 fiasco.

    Guess I was wrong.

    Maybe the suicides will at least serve as a f**king wake-up call.

  • Giordano

    In addition, the new policy states that if the children of couples in same-sex marriages want to become full-fledged members of the faith, they have to disavow their parents’ relationship and move out of the home.

    The new policy is truly monstrous, designed to shame gays and lesbians, and the families of gays and lesbians, ultimately driving a wedge between family members, destroying relationships and ruining lives.

    Particularly odious is the demand that children of gays and lesbians must disavow their parents relationship before being allowed into the church. Such a demand is truly despicable.

    I wonder if they sold that last one from the WTBTS?

  • jw07

    Soon a time will come when the pressure finally reaches a point where can no longer spin negative media reports about matters like this, and outright continue to tell people not to believe what they see in the media without seeming like complete kooks.

    The only option they will have at that time is to say that matters such as being tolerant of gays is part of the attack by Gog of Magog (a coalition of unnamed nations according to them currently). That will force them into a corner, and they will have to say that the end is DEFINITELY around the corner. JWs will get their hopes up, wait for 5, 10, 15 years...NOTHING. It will be 1975 all over again, this time with global media coverage and the internet to document it forever.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    This gay rights issue could very well get the BIG Borg lawyers in a frenzy. In order to get the Borg to publish information to the rank and file that the END is here.

    With all the;

    **We must be ready to obey any instructions we may receive whether they seem strategic from a human standpoint or not**

    Advice on obedience. They could really get the rank and file paranoid with all of this.

  • Vidiot

    Beth Sarim - "They could really get the rank and file paranoid with all of this."

    You mean they're not already? :smirk:

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