All shunning soon to end

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  • dubstepped
    @James Mixon - You probably visited your niece's book and were followed by a cookie. The rest of us probably won't ever see that ad. Advertisers use retargeting to basically follow you around with ads for things they think you may like from things you've expressed interest in.
  • dubstepped


    All of your threads have to do with shunning. It's obviously a terrible practice, but what's your story with it?

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon
    dubstepped: Thanks, that makes sense.
  • pbrow

    I disagree that the revocation of shunning will cause a mass exodus. While I dont doubt that a large group of people will leave, not shunning will turn this crazy ideology into a more mainstream crazy ideology. If you remove the penalty for bucking or 2nd guessing the system then you would be free to 2nd guess and still be in good standing. People will always believe in the prospect of pet panda bears and living forever... and what other church gives you the prospect of pet panda bears?!?!


  • 2+2=5
    Another poopie thread again make sense for read good.
  • crazy_flickering_light

    I see the opposite. It's move from an information to an event. From burocratic to more emotional. If you sit there df and a other person get's reinstated, what causes more pain?

    Shunning will only end or a little bit reduce if there is a lot more pressure from the outside, maybe if they have to pay money for some damage they cause. Also als long as everybody in the cong is so brainless to follow the rules, they never put away this cruel practice. Even if nobody in the cong say it's wrong, even if he or she don't shun, the fear never ends.

  • Daniel1555


    You are great in translating poopies words. Now they make sense.

  • ttdtt
    No way. It would be a giant step to the end of the WT.
  • Vidiot
  • flipper
    " All Shunning Soon to End ". Yeah right. I'll believe that when I experience that

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