Has anyone given up love for the organization?

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    I don't think I'd call it love, but I once broke up with a really nice "worldy" girl I had been dating for several months because I had met a JW girl and we had a mutual attraction. And, being mostly a JW at the time, "knew" that eventually I'd have to settle down with a JW girl. Luckily that didn't last. I tried to get back with the first girl, but I had hurt her and there was no going back.

  • Victorian sky
    Victorian sky

    I empathize with all of you, especially Gadget! Sorry about your girlfriend, I can't believe she would prefer if you cheated, how warped is that? I know exactly what those elders are telling her. That she's sooo faithful and that she's sacrificing for Jehovah and that God will provide her with a mate, just pioneer! Just study, meetings, service! Unbelievable. I'm so sorry you've been hurt. Trust me, she'll regret it and by the time she does, you'll be married to someone who loves you unconditionally. - Victorian Sky

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    I gave up love in order to leave the organisation, but I think that's a topic for another thread.

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    Wild and Crazy...neon that's incredible you should go on Ohpra, how in hell do you spell her name I guess with lots of dollar signs. Damn that Steadman...

    Gadget our wives sound similar...mine has told me she wished I had cheated on her...I guess to make it easier to leave.....As Winston would say sorry I only cheated on your Vengeful God Jehover and his almighty borganization.

    I didn't actually give up love for the wt but I had someone I loved and was totally compatible with leave me because the elders told her too......she called me several months later and told me she still loved me and would I take her back....I said no and soon after she married someone she had told me she could never love. They'rre divorced now but I hear she is remarried and has a beautiful child...good for her she deserves to be happy...she was a real firecracker too.

    Sidenote: I have found many in the borg get married before they even know each other and the divorce rate seems to be nearly as high as it is on the outside.

  • oldcrowwoman

    Interesting thread and allows me to put the pieces of my puzzle together.

    Before I knew who I was with my sexuality, I had fond feelings for my girlfriend for several years. Never acted on my feelings. The ex came into the picture. Of course I all I knew was the Straight way.

    And did what society dictated. Married this guy that opened the way to jw land. Ex fill her with jw crap. It put a wedge in my friendship. And one day she disappeared!! Never knew why!!! Abandonment issues up the waazooooooo.

    One of those lost loves.


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