There's One In Every Congregation

by pale.emperor 12 Replies latest jw experiences

  • dbq407

    We had a cat lady who was "off". Lived with at least 30 cats in her trailer, needed rides everywhere etc.

    Recently a "study" at the hall was wearing blue jeans and an untucked shirt with a tie and his hair is always a mess. Saw him with a cigarette in his hand as he walked thru the hall to go outside and smoke after the meeting.

    Another "off" woman who makes strange comments is getting baptized this summer.

  • ShirleyW

    Way after I stopped attending, but in mother's Cong they had a RuPaul lookalike studying and attending the meetings

    I don't know how long the person who was studying explained to him that he had to make up his mind if he was a girl or a boy. But I don't think he even lasted a year.

    We had an elder that was in the Cong that know matter what the subject of his talk he would always find a way to bring up something sexual, this went on for DECADES, they finally put him on reproof in the 90's because he said something to a sister and she reported him to the other elders. He was in the Cong ever since I was a kid in the 60's and it took them thirty years to finally do something.

  • Vidiot

    pale.emperor - "Im talking about crazies..."

    We call them "anointed". :smirk:

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