Clue re approach to Annual Report in Jan 2018 MWB

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  • BluesBrother

    "interview publishers, selected in advance, who had outstanding experiences in the ministry during the past year."

    Could be hard to find around here ! I don't envy the poor joe who gets that item.....

  • nowwhat?

    Every time they ask for field service experiences, it always defaults to. " I really enjoyed working with brother or sister so and so and getting to know them!"

  • Laika

    Do we know they have negative growth? I am not convinced, in Britain I could only find 9 JW charities that have closed last service year, year before I found 20 closed, and they still had growth, but I don't know how often the charities commission update their records (each separate congregation is a registered charity in Britain)

    I suspect money issues were a bigger part of the decision to end the yearbook than a desire to hide the annual report. I am pretty confident they are heading towards decline, but not sure they are yet.

  • doubtfull1799

    FedUp - thanks of the good laugh. You owe me a new computer - snorted my drink out over the keyboard!

  • respectful_observer
    The only way to hide the underlying trends is to move away from a country by country report and to a global headline but I don't think they really will do that.

    Only other possibility I can think of is to report them at the Branch level. That gives them the flexibility to "hide the pea" when it comes to where-- at the country level-- the losses/growth are coming from. Knowing how often they shift what countries/territories are aligned to which branches, they can further muddy the waters from year-to-year to help tell a story of continued incremental growth by simply realigning the (ever shrinking list of) growth countries to branches that need to boost their numbers.

  • steve2

    Well, by my reckoning, we won't have to wait much longer: The report will be online some time in January and we'll be able to see the extent to which it has been changed.

  • stuckinarut2

    Those "experiences" are ALWAYS embellished in some way...

    They are NEVER as "wonderful" as they are made out to be by the org.

    I know of assembly experiences that were blatantly distorted and embellished! My wife submitted one to the CO once, and some time later, while listening to an assembly, her experience was related...BUT severely edited and embellished!

  • steve2

    Words you will never hear uttered from the platform at any gathering of JWs:

    "And now, brothers and sisters, we'll hear about a little experience from the field..."

  • Ultimate Axiom
    Ultimate Axiom

    The report will be online some time in January and we'll be able to see the extent to which it has been changed.

    Haven’t seen it yet, although they have published the countries in the 100,000 club. Anyone else found a full country by country report for 2017?

    One small detail the lack of such a report covers up is the fact that over 75% of JWs operate in just 24 countries that contain less than 30% of the world’s population, while just 1% of JWs operate in 41 countries that contain over half the world’s population. Hardly fits with their boast to be preaching the Good News in all the inhabited earth.
  • darkspilver

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