What was your worst/best experience in field service?

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  • obiwan

    I will have to say mine is a worst/best experience. I was out in serviceon a saturday with my mother of all things, we went to a door knocked, and this awesome looking 16 or 17 year old girl opens the door wearing nothing but a dress shirt. So, of course it was my turn for a presentation, so I had to talk to her about the wt and awake. What I really wanted to do, was ask her what was for breakfast.Or at the very least, drop my magazines and drag her inside. My mother is standing right next to me and talk about being hard to make eye contact, the girls nipples were standing out a foot. I'm surprised I managed to say anything but, duuuuhhhh! I'm going to hell in a hand basket!

  • Vivamus

    I can't remember


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  • suzi_creamcheez

    As a teenager, I went to an apt. where the guy would only talk to me thru the window. I realized that he was masturbating as he talked. I heard him laughing as me and my partner left. I could never expose (pun intended) my kids to that. I don't think kids or teens should go door to door selling ANYTHING, even candy, Girl Scout Cookies, etc. There are too many sick people out there. - suz

  • tinkerbell82

    one time i was trying to place a tract with this old guy who was watering his lawn, and i guess i was too persistant for his taste, because he squirted me with his hose and told me to get off his property. mind you i was probably 11 at the time. i was mortified! but thankful as well, because i had to go home after that =D

  • Hapgood

    All I seemed to have was bad experiences out in service.

    I'm shy by nature, so going out in service was a real ordeal for me. I would mostly go out Sat. mornings and be in the same car group with my hubby, we would work together and he would take most of the doors. Or if I went out through the week I would go out with sisters that were really understanding to how I felt (we would work rural territory).

    My hubby and I went out on a Saturday when the CO came to visit. I was separated from my hubby and I got put in a car group with a bunch of sisters and the CO's wife. Yikes!!!

    Well, we were all taking turns working with the CO's wife. Yikes!!! I knew that it was inevitable that I would have to have my turn at the door with her (hey, now is a good time to go get some donuts). When it came my turn to work with her, I started panicking big time even before reaching the door (please God let no one answer the door). A nice young man answered the door, but by this time I was so nervous I started hyperventilating, I completely lost my train of thought, I just stood their babbling (he must of felt sorry for me he took the magazines). The CO's wife didn't say one word to help me out at the door, didn't say one word to me while we walked back to the car, didn't say one word to me after that in the car. Just silence. I didn't go to another door with her after that. Boy, did I feel like a dork.


  • stillajwexelder

    --- talk about being hard to make eye contact, the girls nipples were standing out a foot.

    I had a similar experience - I was with an elder and we were invited in and this girl had a see through negligee on (nightdress or whatever) We could see everything -- I was so horny after that and I just could not keep my eyes off her -- what a wonderful experience -- if I had been on my own I do not know what I would have done -- wonderful service experience -- the elder was also struggling a little -- do not ask me waht we talked about -- talk about loss of concentration

  • Mary
    As a teenager, I went to an apt. where the guy would only talk to me thru the window. I realized that he was masturbating as he talked.

    How do you know it wasn't a elder renting the apartment for uh, personal use?

    Best/Worst experience: Having a guy who looks like Tom Cruise come to the door wearing nothing but a towel, because he just got out of the shower (sigh!)........I really wanted to say "and we're offering these two magazines along with my virginity for 50 cents."

    The other experience was just plain bizarre. Some asshole who was into the occult brought out these books on voodoo and tried putting a spell on us, but he was no match for the likes of My Book of Bible Stories!!! The force was with me!! What freaked us out is that his eyes looked really wierd........almost like a yellow colour.....ya he looked possessed alright.

  • Steve Lowry
    Steve Lowry

    My best experience was the day I realized I had no business trying to change other people's minds concerning what they should believe in or not. I didn't knock on another door that day, I just turned around and went back to my car and never went 'door to door' again. I had serious doubts at that time concerning the Watchtower Society and it's "truths", but hadn't really come to terms with it yet. I do remember feeling liberated by that decision( to stop telling people what they should believe in).

    I've learned to listen to my 'gut'. It's that kinda thing that, you don't know why you should (or shouldn't ) do a certain thing, but you follow your instincts anyway and later you find out it was the best possible course.

  • onacruse

    Hi Steve, welcome a-board

    I've learned to listen to my 'gut'.

    Interesting you say that. I've often used the phrase "analysis paralysis" to describe my last years in the org, and quite frankly it fascinates/bewilders me when I see people like you that make such decisions apparently with such ease and simplicity. I'm a little envious , though I daresay you've had your fair share of struggles to go along.


  • smack

    Don't know if this is worst or best. My family were preaching in a small town between 2 larger towns.They had just pulled over and about to get out of the car when a young man jumped in beside my sister. He thought they were stopping for him, he was hitch hiking. Thing is, this guy used to give my sister and I hell at school for being dubbbbs.


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