Altered Scriptures?

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  • waton

    The word overseer does not convey the idea of a participant in the work, but I have seen elders assume that role. Of course often they are in the same mess than the cases they judge.

  • punkofnice

    SBF - This is what I wanted to find out. I don't have access to the right tech at the mo to check for myself.

    Looks like Listener has found what it was about. Many thanks for that.

    Waton - The WBT$ love to own and subvert words.

    Overseer. Isn't that an old term from the days of slavery?

  • Phizzy

    The JW rendering of Scriptures bears no relation to scholarly work done on the original language manuscripts, it is simply put the way they do to bolster their own way of doing things,and their wacky doctrines.

    Although the use of the word "youngest" in Luke 22v26 is an accurate translation form the Greek, it only conveys a literal view to us, which misses the point, "least" is better, in that it makes clear the humble attitude that is required of those who are taking the lead.

    The JW Bible errs too often on the side of literal translation, and loses the writer's meaning by so doing.

  • punkofnice
    Phuzzy -The JW rendering of Scriptures bears no relation to scholarly work done on the original language

    Yes indeedy. Case in point the trial where Charlie Tazers a Rissole was taken to task and proven to be a a very naughty boy.

    Police Court Magistrate G. F. Jelfs on March 17, 1913...this was the one I believe......

  • Splash
    But let the one who is the greatest among you become as the youngest

    The Geneva Bible (1599) and King James (1604) both use 'youngest/younger'.

  • lemonjuice

    So according to G.Jackson an overseer should reach out in being an elder without wanting to have the position of an elder but only his work . Totally senseless reasoning on his part.

    Why then be an elder. You could just continue doing the Ministry and serve others. And oh of course Paul forgot to put hard work in the Congregation as a requirement for elders.

    The usual jumbled up logic of the Warwick crowd.

    And why all the emphasis on hardwork or in other words proselytism? It's in the best interests of the GB to have more members which is more money for them, higher ego, more publicity and so on. At the same time harder working members will have less time to figure out that this religion is a total fake.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Most JWs will look at this as an example of "the deep understanding" that only JWs have, thanks to the scholarly efforts of G.O.D. (Guardians Of Doctrine) as miraculously revealed to them directly from Jehovah.


  • steve2

    Shouldn't the very same logic apply to the "position" of Governing Body member?

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