Altered Scriptures?

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  • punkofnice

    My spies tell me that the jobos recently had a broadcast where 2 scriptures have been changed.

    Luke 22.26
    You, though, are not to be that way. But let the one who is the greatest among you become as the youngest, and the one taking the lead as the one ministering.
    1 Tim 3:1
    This statement is trustworthy: If a man is reaching out to be an overseer,+ he is desirous of a fine work.

    I don't have the tech to locate the broadcast right now. (I only have access to the works PC which blocks vids).

    I wonder how they plan to make money from these alterations?

    Any info on this anyone?

  • stuckinarut2

    Nice new avatar Punky!!

  • punkofnice

    Thanks stucky. Perhaps I should be renamed Modofnice

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog
    Maybe it's going over my head but what is the significance of these two scriptures being changed, what does it allow for?
  • punkofnice

    Neaty - that's what I wondered. What's all the fuss?

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    The most significant thing out of the two that I notice is that it no longer says "office" of overseer, just overseer. Everything else isn't much different.

  • sparrowdown

    Didn't Luke 22:26 use to say "... let the one who is greatest among you become as the least.."

    Now it's the "youngest" - encouraging younger men to reach out, possibly?

    Or maybe the GB don't want to be seen as the "least."

  • punkofnice

    Neaty - Yes. How can they get money from this?

    Sparrah - Good point. We know that the GB are obscenely interested in young boys. (Oh my. Did I just think that out loud?)

  • slimboyfat

    Changed when? In the 2013 Bible or what? That was a while ago. I don't follow this.

  • Listener

    This comes from a Bethel morning worship presented by G Jackson and is shown in the Oct. monthly broadcast with the question "Are Elders taking the lead or are they leaders?" It's at the 40 minute mark. The purpose of his talk appears to be in demonstrating the beauty of their translation over many others, including the KJV and to tell Elders that their role was to take the lead rather than be leaders.

    Re Luke 22:26, he states that "obviously, to take the lead means to do the work, to be a minister, to be a servant, to serve others" He then explains, it doesn't mean sitting on the sidelines barking out the orders but it means being involved.

    He explains there is another 'subtlety in the revision' regarding taking the lead and is at 1 Tim 3:1 He says "it's not the office or the position of being an overseer that is something people reach out for but it's rather the work. The hard work that needs to be done by an overseer. An overseer needs to recognize that he needs to work hard as setting the right example and then others will follow, rather than just telling everyone what they should do."

    He concludes by saying "So the text reminds Elders what they need to do, not sitting on the sidelines barking out orders but rather, to take the lead, to be in the forefront, do the work and then others will follow our example, just as we follow the example of Jesus."

    At no time does he explain that Jesus is our leader but rather he says that he was taking a lead in the preaching work. His concluding comments reflect the same idea, otherwise how can Elders follow his example if he is the leader, rather than taking the lead?

    IMHO I didn't think it was a very nice way of Jackson to explain that a leader is one who 'sits on the sidelines barking out orders'. Who does he think has this role within their organization?

    Given that he was personally 'barking out orders' by telling Elders what role they had, is it really the Governing Body that is barking out the orders as they sit on the sidelines?

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