Jw style encouragement - Return or perish....

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  • Tornintwo

    Thank you all for your responses.

    All for show.....that's exactly what me and my daughter think now.

    Lets face it he has made his requirements as clear as MUD, it is an accident of birth most of the time what religion you are. They are always on about their beloved website reaching all corners of the world but do they not know that still 60% of the worlds population still don't have internet. So if God is as cruel, jealous and exacting as they say he is, and he will kills billions of people because they didn't find the 'truth' in this messed up world, then we would happily take our chances with the billions, thank you very much.

  • steve2

    Well it's not entirely for show. It eases the consciences of kinder JWs and helps them talk themselves further into tolerating the unkind belief system.

    Besides, all their reasoning smacks of a double standard:

    They unhesitatingly advise members of the churches of Christendom to get it because of the "failings" of mere fellow humans, including especially their church leaders, but they advise you to go back to JW organization where such failings and doctrinal flip flops are rampant and entreat you to wait upon Jehovah .

  • Finkelstein

    What the WTS using fear mongering tactics to cultivate and control people ? ......... never

    Many lives have been wasted to this fear mongering publishing cult., exploiting people's ignorance fears and insecurities is the game .

    A few men are now playing with millions because of it $$$

  • stuckinarut2

    A great thread to bookmark!

    Awesome replies everyone! Simply awesome!

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