Jw style encouragement - Return or perish....

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  • Tornintwo

    I haven't been able to post much recently, just started a new job with long hours... but I'm thinking of you all and drop in when i can. Anyway I've been meaning to tell you about this because thought it would tickle some of you...

    5 months after my last meeting, I've just had two "kind and loving" 'come back' messages/cards from different people both using the same days text from Dec. 31st which says:

    "It is not a desirable thing with my father who is in heaven for one of these little ones to perish" Matt 18:14

    Jehovah cares deeply about all those who have expressed love for his name, even if they are not actively serving him at present. (Luke 15:3-7) Are you among those who are not now actively serving God? Perhaps someone in the congregation hurt you and as a result you stopped associating with Jehovahs organization. Since some time may have passed, ask yourself "Is my life more meaningful and I am I happier? Was it Jehovah who offended me, or was it an imperfect human? Has Jehovah God ever done anything to harm me? Really, he has always done good toward us. Even if we are not living up to our dedication to him, he allows us to enjoy the good things he provides. (Jas 1:16,17). Soon Jehovahs day will come. Now is the time to return to our heavenly Father's loving arms and to the congregation - the only safe haven in these last days - Deut 33:27; Heb: 10,24,25 w 13 11/15 2:16,17

    Both with riders very similar saying 'Jehovah is asking you to return to him....blah blah blah'

    Now I've got to say these messages really p'd me off, despite the fact they were both from quite genuine, kind 'sisters' and former friends. Why so annoyed?

    1. They assume they KNOW how God is feeling about me right now. How do they have the right to say how the Almighty God feels about me and what I am doing in my life? How do they presume to say he disapproves of me somehow?

    2. Despite being couched in kind, innoffensive language, the theme scripture uses the word PERISH, and the last few words of the comments intimate that anyone is in danger if they are not in the JW congregation when the end comes. So in not so many words, they are saying, "come back dearly beloved sister otherwise we say you are going to DIE" (I guess that goes for my 2 kids who've left too).

    So to summarise, if you don't follow 7 self-appointed men in Brooklyn and come back to their hierarchical, judgemental, critical, pharisaical, unloving, captive, child molester protecting, youth destroying, family splitting organisation - you are not in the Almighty God's goodbooks don't you know and the chances are you will be toast when HE brings the end of the world (or should I say you'll be a charred hotdog).

    How sweet of them? Why wouldn't I want to go running back to the KH with such emotional blackmail ringing in my ears?

  • ToesUp
    Great post. Can't ya just feel the love?lol
  • BeautifulMind
    I got the same text but in the email form from a former very close friend of mine. I felt the exact same way when I read it, come back or die is the clear message here, not to mention the guilt and fear that text is trying to stir up in you. Oh how loving and encouraging that is!
  • LoveUniHateExams

    Well analyzed, Tornintwo.

    All encouragement seems to boil down to: return or perish.

    That's all the WT has. But threatening people with death is disgusting, especially when it's children.

    Something else government can look into ...

  • blondie

    Did God try to injure Elijah or Isaiah or was it the rulers of Israel and the religious leaders. Could Elijah or Isaiah have said, no God is not injuring me but you are.

    Or when Elijah hid from the Israelites because they were seeking to kill him, was that wrong?

    And as to jws showing love to individuals, actions speak louder than words. Why kind of real love did these individuals show to you.

    Also, if a parent uses threats, punishments to get obedience from their children is that love?

  • mynameislame

    Hey you must have been offended by an imperfect brother. But Jehovah has never done anything to offend you, so suck it up and come back. If you don't Jehovah will murder you.

    Has Jehovah God ever done anything to harm me?

    If he really did appoint the holy 7 then I would have to say yes. If he didn't appoint them then why should I come back?

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    JW: Oh look...a new brochure.....Return to Jehovah. Just reading it makes me feel warm and fuzzy and extra virtuous about myself. Who do I know that is surely going to die at Armageddon if I don't give them one of these? After all, it's my responsibility as a Christian to look around me and decide who is and who isn't in God's good graces ( like I am) and do my part to wake them up. Oh...I know, I'll give one to Tornintwo because let's face it, she (unlike myself) is a goner if she doesn't shape up in a hurry. She needs to return to Jehovah and start going to all the meetings or she'll wind up receiving the same eternal punishment as the likes of....oh, I don't know...Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Charles Manson and any number of other horrible horrible sinners who've lived on this planet down through the ages.

    Yes...Tornintwo hasn't been to a meeting in at least 5 months (I've been keeping track) and when she did go, I saw her looking up additional scriptures and cross referencing things during the Sunday talk and during the Watchtower study. If she's not careful, she'll end up like that one guy....what was his name...Pete Zahut...he apparently is so cut off from Jehovah's spirit, he can't even grasp the simplest of concepts such as overlapping generations and blood fractions (sigh).


    Jw style encouragement - Return or perish....

    So in not so many words, they are saying, "come back dearly beloved sister otherwise we say you are going to DIE" (I guess that goes for my 2 kids who've left too).

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    ...Image result for Join or die

  • All for show
    All for show
    If that is how juvenile and petty God is, then I don't want to live forever, I would rather perish! I hate hearing this guilt/death/save you life nonsense. They "think" their helping, because they live with that fear- well guess what- You don't, you don't buy it and it doesn't effect you. Alas, they will never see. So frustrating
  • Clambake

    You would think if jehovah witnesses were so important in god larger plan they would news for more than just raping children and letting babies bleed to death.

    Is it just me when a turn on the news I see the places talked about in bible, I see the people talked about in the bible yet how often do dubs Crack a nighty news cast?

    Sorry, my evangelical roots are showing.

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